Nina Werner signing

September 29, 2006

From CarlsenComics:

Nina Werner (author of Jibun-Jishin) signing
October 14 in Offenbach

Nina Werner will be giving autographs on 10/14/2006, between 2 and 3pm. The session will take place in the bookstore Gondrom, Waldstraße 1-3 in 63065 Offenbach!

Paper Theatre is a quarterly anthology published by Schwarzer Turm. All of the works contained within it are original German stories. While Schwarzer Turm’s other anthology, Es war keinmal, is published left-to-right, Paper Theatre is read right -to-left. The volumes of Paper Theatre contain both ongoing stories and oneshots, with topics ranging from boys love to shounen to a silent, alternative-styled comic about hares. Three volumes have been released so far, with no plans of collecting the ongoing series into individual volumes.
These previews are taken from a pdf available for download on Schwarzer Turm’s homepage.

Click thumbnails for larger images.

Paper Theatre v1

Paper Theatre – The German Manga-Magazine

Paper Theatre started a totally new kind of magazine, a regular publication that is all about the works of German-language manga artists. Paper Theatre will focus on these at fairs and signings of lauded young stars of the comic-scene and not just be another random anime/manga magazine.

The magazine is published in the typical – favored by teenagers – Japanese look, hence it’s read “back to front” and “left to right”. Furthermore, Paper Theatre will offer a lot of reading material (about 200 pages) for a comparably low price. The large comic amounts are rounded out by interesting articles about the German manga scene.

Short Info
print run: about 5,000
publication info: four times a year
size: about 200 pages
format: 145x210mm
price: 6.50 euro
available: comic stores, train station bookstores, and by subscription

Paper Theatre
Schwarzer Turm Verlag
Lindenstrasse 6
36088 Huenfeld
Tel / Fax 066 52 – 724 87
info AT

Dance Class

Dance Class
Butterflies in your stomach, the world in pink and red… first love is unforgettable for everyone. So is the timid hope that the other feels the same way and you won’t be disappointed. Artist Irene Bressel / Engelszorn manages to convert these overwhelming feelings into high-on-life images.

Hello, sister! <3

A few of the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 11… Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Made in Germany

Love gives you wings!

New short stories at two chapters each about Hikari (the “Freaky Angel”), who wants to help people with love problems.
In volume two, there’s more about Hikaru and Hugo. What kind of relationship do they have in real life, and what is their real task?

The characters from the first volume also make reappearances, as Hugo tries to ruin Hikari’s “achievements”.

Lenka Buschova, the winner of the Connichi 2003 doujinshi drawing contest presents her second manga with romantic comedy plots and convincing artwork.

Author – Lenka Buschova
Two volumes – finished.

German Mangaka from EMA!
Gina Wetzel
Alexandra Voelker
Lenka Buschova
Sascha Shaetzchen
Ying Zhou Cheng

Manga Made in Germany


Catwalk – Alexandra Voelker
Mon-Star Attack – DuO
Orcus Star – Gina Wetzel
Freaky Angel – Lenka Buschova
Shanghai Passion – Ying Zhou Cheng

More information on the EMA-Roadshow and the particular locations can be found online at

Meet your manga-stars on the roadshow from May 29 – June 3, 2006

The manga-summer now begins! Let us sweeten the first sunbeams of the year 2006 for you – with the big EMA-Roadshow!
Witness our german mangaka on the big signing tour in the branded EMA-tourbus, as they travel through Germany’s biggest metropolises: six manga gals, six days, seven cities. Alexandra Voelker (Catwalk), the DuO (Mon-Star Attack), Gina Wetel (Orcus Star), Lenka Buschova (Freaky Angel), and Ying Zhou Cheng (Shanghai Passion) come to you – live and in color. Other than autographed copies of their manga, make sure you get useful tips and tricks about drawing manga. And, of course, numerous surprises, extras, and highlights await you. Just let yourself be surprised – EMA is coming to you…

Be a manga artist!

…and the fun continues! For 2006, Egmont Manga & Anime (EMA) and the international writing utensil-producer STABILO once again call for the big COMIC CAMPUS drawing contest. This is where Germany’s rising mangaka can submit their self-drawn manga stories.
The best submissions will once again be rewarded with great material and monetary prizes, as well as publication in the EMA special volume Shinkan-Special! Our German mangaka demonstrated how to do it – now it’s your turn!
So: Ready, set, DRAW!

Both detailed information about the contest and submission guidelines can be found online at:

From’s September newsletter.

TOKYOPOP at the Frankfurt Bookfair.
Tokyopop will be present for the third time, with special guest Anike Hage (Gothic Sports).
The signing schedule is as follows (all signings take place in Comic-Zentrum):
Saturday, 10/07/2006
12-2pm – signing by Anike Hage
Sunday, 10/08/2006
10-12pm – signing by Anike Hage and Jeff Smith (Bone)
3-5pm – signing by Anike Hage

Portfolio reviews are also available on Saturday from 4-5pm at the TOKYOPOP stand (Hall 3, J820).

New in October.

In the End-
Pink Psycho
attracted a lot of attention recently when they first presented samples from In The End at AnimagiC and Connichi.
Now the book is finally available, and the story will be sure to touch you. The manga is a dramatic interpretation of authentic statements from teenagers on diverse internet forums. The manga therefore mirrors the outlook on life shared by a whole generation- “there is no place for me in the world.”

Iscel v2-
The orphan girl Lalin and Finn, a member of the Sem Icim, have become friends and fight their way through the chaos of war, trying to get to safety. And with that, their unavoidable search for their fate begins…
You can read about the experiences of Lalin and Finn in the second volume of Iscel. The first chapter is available on Manga Player.

Yonen Buzz 0 – Plastic Chew-
What happened before there was Yonen Buzz? TOKYOPOP presents the new edition of the prologue, Prussian Blue. Under the title of Yonen Buzz – Plastic Chew (volume 0), you can see how everything began…
As all of you surely know, Christina Plaka is currently in Japan as part of her Japanese studies. In the Yonen Buzz thread on the TOKYOPOP-Forum , Chris periodically offers insights into her everyday life and the discoveries she makes in the Land of Manga. Check it out!

Also being released are German versions of Steady Beat v1 and I Luv Halloween v1.


Also new are a few updates by Fireangels. We’ve edited our recent post about submission guidelines to fit their changes. Lime Law v1 is also now available through, for anyone interested in buying it.
One addition of note, however, is a new anthology…

A more “adult” (NC17) version of their Lime Law anthology, Lemon Law will focus on more mature themes. More information can be found (in both English and German) by clicking the banner.
There are plans for a similar yuri anthology in the future, for those interested.

The cover and a few of the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 11… A summary and a few preview pages of Indépendent. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Made in Germany

They are young, wild, and indépendent…

…at least, as long as Daddy pays. But hip girl Épicé can’t be that dependent anymore; after all, she’s the daughter of a true mafioso. So she decides to up her budget, which suffers strongly from her shopping sprees. Mafia-style, of course…
In the newest work from our DuO is filled with juicy bishies and tough manga-babes! Of course, the two always have a little fun with such stereotypes.
It would be a pity if they didn’t; after all, a Shingo with an accounting compulsion is twice as cute! [we don’t know what they mean by this…]
The writing utensil-producers of the nation agreed, and hence you will soon find Epice & Co. on five shiny highlighters from STABILO… available all over Europe! Those who can wait (*harhar*) will get the cute pens for free with the manga (volume one, limited first edition)!

*heavenly beauty*
I am young, cute, self-confident, loved by all, cool and stylish…
…and have everything a hip girl needs.
And that would be…
The DuO-Trend-News-Exclusive-Special-Fashion-Magazine for Independent Girls™!
Thanks to it, every hip girl knows what she needs.
And that’s why it appears daily.

Other than ten pages of ads, horoscopes, DuO-propaganda, and for special occasions, bonus glitter stickers, the absolute highlight is the In/Out-List with constantly changing trends.
Of course, I have the absolute musts of the day!

Fruit hairclips (even though I find vegetables to be cooler)
T-shirt instead of a blouse
Tie (actually, two) in the color of the month, which is determined by the school principal via choosing lots
Way too short a skirt (for safety, with petticoat)
Tights (and socks, because I like ‘em)
Two-striped loose socks
Sports bag
Mega-long cell-phone straps
Platform shoes

It can’t be true!

These are some of the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 10… A summary and a few preview pages of Shanghai Passion, a single volume BL work. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Made in Germany/Shounen Ai adult

Travel and see the world…

Shanghai, 1933: The German businessman Vincent Sebastian von Kretsch has traveled to China to forge trading connections and to escape marriage to his fiancée, whom he believes he cannot truly love.
In Shangai, he meets Bai Li, the son of a powerful Chinese mafia family which has big plans for him and his half-brother Lei…who oddly attracts the conservative foreigner!
Ying Zhou Cheng is the winner of the Connichi doujinshi contest 2004. With her short story “CHOU”, she enchanted the jury and readers alike. With “Shanghai Passion”, the Chinese-born passionate cosplayer has her impressive manga debut.

(right to left)

I was just kidding.

Phew… hehe…

Would you like to rest, or dine right away?

Dine. I want to be punctual…
…proper, and…


You are so distracted. Should I carry you to your room…
…Mr. von Solms?

Uh… no, I’m just… distracted by the city…

Would you like me to show you “my city” later?
I am practically married, miss.

Well… voila.

These are some of the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 10… A summary and a few preview pages of Freaky Angel. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Made in Germany/Comedy

An angel for love.

Whether in love, friendship, or carrier: angel Hikari helps in every type of situation. Her clients, however, are a little crazy – and that fits perfectly for the Freaky Angel, who accomplishes her tasks in very unique ways. That her first client’s best friend is a mop doesn’t throw off Hikari’s stride at all. She wants to act as a matchmaker between the shy Satoshi and his secret love, Ren. After that, she’s supposed to fix the friendship between Raya and Karin – or find them new friends/boyfriends. And finally, there is still the singer Kyumin, who wants to quit her job…
Three stand-alone short stories, each with two chapters, tell the story of the Freaky Angel. After every case, she disappears, and all memories of her go with her. But for the readers, Hikari will certainly be unforgettable!
Lenka Buschova, the winner of the Connichi 2003 drawing contest, presents herself as a new talent with her romantic comedy plots and impressive layout and artwork.

(right to left)

What’s with the ridiculous wings?


Thanks, now I can go back to sweeping.
But you know, not like it matters that I have to clean it up.

What do you want?
To help you with love, since you really suck.

And I already have an idea.

Don’t bother, no one can help me there.

Just leave it to me!
After all, I’m a real neotenshi.

So will you be my love slave?

Waah! Mr. Mop!

Kyaa, what are you doing?!
Jumping after it…
Lemme go!

Hmm, comfy bed. I can imagine staying here…
Thanks for letting me stay here in exchange for my help.

But somehow, you’re pretty naïve.
After all, I could be a homicidal psychopath…

If you want me to throw you out, keep acting like you are.

Damn, cut myself.

EMA Shinkan 10 – Catwalk

September 23, 2006


These are the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 10… A summary and a few preview pages of Catwalk. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Made in Germany/ Soap

Catwalk- a fashion manga

Xela City is THE fashion-city. Here, the creative minds of the world gather, here trends are set and dream-like model careers become possible. It is in these surroundings that the shy and complex-laden girl Blanche finds herself discovered by a model agency and gets the incredible opportunity to become “Model of the Year”. But Blanche’s past is filled with just as many secrets as that of her new manager, Merry…
Catwalk is the first manga from the 18 year old mangaka Alexandra Voelker, from Hamm. She won second place at the Connichi 2004 doujinshi drawing contest.

(right to left)

Well, for my standards, there is way too much going on here.
Huge masses of people…
How am I supposed to find this “Merry” here?
I can’t imagine I’ll just happen to run into her.

Didn’t the guy at the entrance say something about friendly helpers?

Well great, I don’t see any helpers.
Especially not a friendly one.

Oh well, guess I’ll have to ask around…

There’s my first potential victim…!
Ichigo, ichigooo *sing*

Excuse me, do you happen to know a “Merry”…? No…?
She has glasses, and is… *blahblah*


Ooh, I get directions? That’s really not necessary!

What the…?
An autograph…?

At this rate, I’ll be searching for hours…
The agency is ten times larger than the new school, and I already had a hard time getting around there…

Ooh? What have we here?


Damsel in distress!!!!
God, why did I accept this stupid job?!

I really urgently need information about a “Merry”.
You know, I was ordered here and am supposed to-

I’m not deaf!
It’s probably one of those retarded models…
Yes, yes, you’re one of Merry’s girls.
The conference started without you… first door on your left.

For anyone who’s actually near enough to go, here’s a list of some of the current going-ons in the German global manga scene.


Again and again, the question is asked… how is a manga created? An answer to that can now be found in Bayreuth, Germany. Using Christina Plaka and her manga Yonen Buzz as an example, TOKYOPOP created an exhibition for the city library under the title, “How is a Manga Created”, which gives an introduction to this broad topic.
The exhibition runs from the first through the 30th of September in the city library of Bayreuth on Luitpoldplatz 7.

Opening times:
Monday: 10-1pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 10-7pm
Wednesday, Friday: 10-6pm
Saturday: 10-1pm


Judith Park and Nam & Tram Nguyen will be at the Frankfurt Bookfair.
Signings will be:
Friday, 10/6/2006
4 – 6pm Judith Park
Saturday, 10/7/2006
1 – 3pm Judith Park
3 – 5pm Nam & Tram
Sunday, 10/8/2006
11 – 12pm Judith Park
1 – 3pm Nam & Tram

Nam & Tram Nguyen – signing tour

Nam and Tram pack their suitcase and go on a big signing tour! Don’t miss a chance to meet the cute artist-duo starting October 25th in Gießen, Dresden, Magdeburg and Leipzig. They’ll have their new book, “DELILAH’S MYSTERY”, with them, and look forward to scribbling in them for you!

Wed, 10/25 in Gießen
Karstadt AG
Seltersweg 64
starting at 3pm

Thurs, 10/26 in Dresden
Dresdner Comicladen
Bautzner Str. 30

Fri, 10/27 in Magdeburg
First floor in the City Carré
Kantstr. 3

Sat, 10/28 in Leipzig
City Comics
Nürnberger Str. 3
starting at 12pm

MANGA-MAGIE: The judges are meeting- the suspense is rising!

Almost 1,000 of you once again took part in MANGA-MAGIE and handed in self-drawn manga, each several pages long. The contest, held by the train station bookstore chain LUDWIG in collaboration with ANIMANIA, the organization of German train station book-traders and the German manga-publishers, is going into the deciding phase!
Shortly after the Frankfurt Bookfair, the judges will meet to decide who of you will win the possible prizes, each worth up to €1,000. For CARLSEN, the head of the manga department, Kai-Steffen Schwarz, will be a judge.
The award ceremony will be held on October 28th in the historic city council in Cologne- music will be provided by the Cologne student-band B.E.K.S. and the (German) j-rock group SUGOI.

Further info about the contest is available at and in the MANGA MAGIE forum at Email questions can be directed to

The October issue of DAISUKI (a monthly manga anthology) will have a “close up” of Y SQUARE PLUS. Everything there is to know about Judith Park’s new series- in full color!

Issue 10/2006
Magazine, b&w and color, 248 pages
€ 5,- (Germany) / € 5,20 (Austria) / Swiss-Francs 9,90
ISBN 3-551-78535-X

by Nam & Tram Nguyen

Now new: the first original paperback by Nam & Tram Nguyen!
The beautiful Delilah is new at school. On the very first day, the school casanova, Josh, notices her and starts hitting on her. That doesn’t please the mega-bitch Jessica, who’s had her eye on Josh. Is this the typical chaos? No, because Delilah is surrounded by a dark mystery…
Finally, the whole story is collected into one volume.
With color bonus pages: star-fanart from Judith Park and Nina Werner!

Nam & Tram Nguyen
Paperback, b&w and color, 200 pages
€ 6,- (Germany), € 6,20 (Austria), Swiss-Francs 11,20
ISBN 3-551-76836-0

Single volume.

Available on the 28th of September.

“K-A-E 29th Secret” v1 was Fireangels’ first venture into publishing, having a low first print of only 250 (the last of which was sold at last weekend’s Connichi). It’s clear that this is a first attempt, with awkward art and Comic Sans, but recent pages show some improvement. K-A-E was originally published as an online comic on Animexx, a German fansite, and up to volume 4 has been posted there.

K-A-E 29th Secret v1
Author: Martina “Chiron-san” Peters
ISBN: 3-939309-00-1 (was available through &
Price: 8.49€
Pages: 308, plus fanart

…what would you do if you no longer knew who you were?…

Kae, a 17 year old boy, wakes up in a lab. There, he’s told that he no longer has an identity, and he himself remembers nothing before the day of his awakening.

Did he even have a life?

He would give anything to regain his memories, because he seems to be the only one of the so-called “Genes” in the Center- which is what the research lab calls itself – who has to live locked up and can’t remember anything.

Driven by his thirst for knowledge, the boy manages to flee from the Center, and at first, fortune seems to smile on him as he finds people that help him and who he can trust. But then another Gene who fled from the Center shows up, and that starts a chain of events which drag Kae deeper and deeper into a wild hunt- one there seems to be no escape from.

Preview page 1 (p56) – all pages read right to left
Already after nine! We should go to bed, it was a long day.

Good night, Kae.

Good night.

Preview page 2 (p57)
Good night…
And tomorrow? What will tomorrow be like? Can I live without knowing who I am?
Or maybe I’ll be found.

Preview page 3 (p58)
Good night… Twentynine. *tap*

A sound? Am I already dreaming?

Preview page 4 (p59)

Preview page 5 (p60)