ALC Publishing – 5th annual yuri manga anthology

September 17, 2006

This is a little off-topic, but it needs to get out there.

August 30, 2006

ALC Publishing, the only all-Yuri publisher in North America, is
recruiting writers and artists for their 2007 Yuri English-language
anthology, “Yuri Monogatari 5.”

Writers and artists who wish to be considered for the new anthology
should read the submission rules at
carefully before sending any materials. Questions can be emailed to Recruitment will be held through October 1,
2006. Due to the time constraints of the project, no applications can
be accepted after this time however, completed comics can be accepted
at any time. See the above page for details.

“Yuri Monogatari 5” is the fifth annual original English-language yuri
publication by ALC Publishing, building on the success of ALC’s
previous four “Yuri Monogatari” anthologies, which are now distributed
world-wide. The previous anthologies feature the works of popular yuri
artists Rica Takashima, Akiko Morishima, Althea Keaton, Kristina
Kolhi, Beth Malone and many more!

ALC Publishing, North America’s only all-yuri publisher was founded in
2003 as the publishing arm of Yuricon, with a mission to bring high
quality yuri publications to the worldwide English speaking audience.
For more information on ALC Publishing or its parent organization
Yuricon, please visit the ALC website at
or email us at


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