Article on German mangaka – Sind die Sueueueuess!

September 17, 2006

Here’s the translation of a summary (credit goes to PummelDex for that, & translation is by my ever-helpful girlfriend). The article is available online, but I don’t personally feel like paying $6 for it if no one’s interested… ;/
If enough people are interested in knowing what the article says, I’ll go ahead and purchase it- so if you want it, speak up!

In the August 2006 issue of KultureSPIEGEL (CultureMIRROR), the monthly magazine insert of the big German news magazine Der Spiegel (the Mirror), there is an article on German manga-drawers (female).

They demonstrate the fast-growing boom of German manga, especially focusing on the artists of Tokyopop, but also on DuO of Egmont and Judith Park from Carlsen, and explain it with the sense of identification the fans feel towards artists barely younger than themselves. (“hardly older fans” is a direct quote from the article, as odd as that seems). After their earlier defensiveness against everything non-Japanese, by now the fans have stopped talking about cheap replicas when referring to manga from their own country.

According to Joachim Kaps, head of Tokyopop (Germany), the “marketshare of German volumes”, which is currently below ten percent, “is supposed to be raised to 20%”, at least with Tokyopop. Also, with the surprise-hit series Gothic Sports by Anike Hage, they’re launching the first attempt to sell merchandise for a German series. At next year’s Leipziger Bookfair, there will be soccer uniforms, t-shirts, and writing stuff (pencils, erasers, rulers, etc… we don’t have a word for this that we can think of) based on the series. This is also “an attempt to create a new source of income for the artists”, says Kaps.

Also praised were the different drawing contests in the German area. Judith Park called these “a good opportunity to present one’s work to the publishers and audience.” It is also possible to better measure your skill when you can see your competition, according to her.
An important aspect of the German manga-market, if not the most important one, is the fans. Through internet forums and similar things, a broad palette of opportunities for discussing the works is offered, and through which the wishes of the fans can be better taken into account.

Personally, I think it’s pretty interesting to see how OGM are taking off- especially concerning the merchandising TP is doing. We have yet to really get something like that here in America– while the newspaper runs are a start, the manga fans still have yet to really get behind a series here like they have with Gothic Sports. It’s a shame, but hey… this means there’s hope, right?


6 Responses to “Article on German mangaka – Sind die Sueueueuess!”

  1. Estara Says:

    “writing stuff (pencils, erasers, rulers, etc… we don’t have a word for this that we can think of)”

    I think it might be “stationery”.

    Having open helps a lot with questions like that ^^.

    You guys are doing excellent work!

  2. elae Says:

    Thanks. ^^
    We figured stationary sounded like paper-stuff? We’ve used “writing utensils” in more recent posts… ah well.

  3. Marty Says:

    Hello from Germany!

    Do you want scans of this article? I can
    mail them if you like (about 3 MB).

  4. elae Says:

    Hallo Marty!

    Danke, aber wir haben den Artikel als PDF von der Spiegelseite. Hat uns ganze 50 cent gekostet…

    Aber wenn du andere Sachen (abgesehen von Shinkan, Tokyopop Sneaks und CarlsenComics Vorschau (eben alles download-bare)) hast, waere das klasse und wir wuerden gerne uebersetzen und posten. Momentan haben wir aber noch jede Menge Material, das on line erhaeltlich ist. Danke!

  5. Marty Says:


    Andere Sachen zu den dt. Mangas habe ich nicht, da ich ehrlich gesagt keine dt. Mangas (und auch keine Manwha) lese, sondern nur jap. Mangas. Gomen nasai! :-)
    Heute ist der Artikel übrigens auch bei geschaltet:,1518,438061,00.html

  6. elae Says:


    Kein Problem, aber danke fuer das Angebot!
    …War ja klar. Naja, 50 cent sind nicht die Welt. Naechstens warten wir einfach.

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