EMA Shinkan 08 – Mon-Star Attack (comedy)

September 17, 2006

EMA (Egmont Manga & Anime, a German company) releases a semi-annual, free-to-download/pick-up manga compiler called Shinkan. In it are short descriptions of their series (manga, manhwa, and global manga), and sometimes a few pages from a series of note.

These are the pages that focus on OGM from Shinkan 08… it’s a short summary and a few sample pages of Mon-Star Attack v1, a two-volume series written by DuO. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

EMA – Shinkan 08
Sweets & Space


“The true confessions of Dr. K. ”

Terror has a name, and two poofy ears, and a speech impediment.

*Nuff*! (possibly snuggle)

Dr. K. Nickel (Dr. R. Abbit), villain out of passion for the job, sheep-pelt wearer, and boss of the attack group “Mon-Star” can neither be scared nor stopped. Except maybe by the short-comings of his minions and two little fruit and vegetable sellers who bravely oppose the terror of the universe…

This crazy space-comedy by the incredible DuO has conquered your hearts and the Twister [manga magazine put out by EMA] with the help of a megalomaniac rabbit. The collected version contains the reworked first 8 chapters, as well as a 20-page extra story in which you can get an entirely different perspective on the Abbit-crew. Plus a screamingly colorful and eager to attack batch of MSA-Stickers – Careful, sticky!! :)

[Right to left]
We will stop you!

Well, I guess I’ll fly…
Thanks for the ride!

Hey, stop! You’re under arrest!

I now proclaim this planet to be…

You can’t just…


That’s what you think!



*tap tap*

Arrow: Practices evil poses.


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