EMA Shinkan 09 – German mangaka list and Mon-Star Attack v2

September 17, 2006

EMA (Egmont Manga & Anime, a German company) releases a semi-annual, free-to-download/pick-up manga compiler called Shinkan. In it are short descriptions of their series (manga, manhwa, and global manga), and sometimes a few pages from a series of note.

These are the pages that focus on OGM from Shinkan 09… First is a list of EMA’s “German manga talents”, which is followed by a summary of Mon-Star Attack v2. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga made in Germany

At Egmont Manga & Anime

is right around the corner: Since their appearance on German shelves, Japanese manga have celebrated an incredible history of success, and by now are also part of the reading standard in . There’s no question that the unbroken and always-growing euphoria about the Japanese cult-comics also quickly brought forth artistic style-adaptors in : German mangaka have long-since ceased to be a rarity – and most of all, they don’t have to hide behind their role-models from !

EMA is proud to be able to now count many German manga-talents as authors. On the following pages, we will once more shortly introduce our German mangaka to you.

By now, Asu and Reami are stars in the German mangaka scene. Their short story Rabu Rabu Butabara was published in Manga Power in 2003. In December 2004, the first volume of their Mon-Star Attack series, which was previously printed in Manga Twister (a serialized manga magazine), was published by EMA.

Sascha Schaetzchen (…his last name means “little treasure”)
The photo was taken at the Sondermann award ceremony at the Frankfurt Bookfair 2004, where he received the People’s Choice award, “Manga – Publications (national)” for his series Without Identity (published by EMA).

Alexandra Voelker
Second place in the Connichi 2004 doujinshi contest.

Ying Zhou Cheng
Winner of the Connichi 2004 doujinshi contest.

Gina Wetzel
Second place in the Connichi 2003 doujinshi contest. Her manga Orcus Star will be published in May [2005] by EMA.

Lenka Buschova
Winner of the Connichi 2003 doujinshi contest.

Sweets & Space

Say “Nuff!”

The unbelievable travel of Dr. K goes into the second and (for now) last round. For the readers, this means saying goodbye to their favorite villain and his crew, and we also have to bring up the question: Is there life after Mon-Star attack? For DuO, there will certainly be one, as despite the constant stress, the two have lost none of their enthusiasm and creativity. On the contrary, after over a year of experience as professional mangaka, they have gotten into the swing of things and have a lot of new ideas. One of those is on the top of the list of future-project ideas. One that, back then, only (veeery closely) because of the little Mon-Stars, was filed away. But it didn’t remain that way for long. As if such an idea could be filed into any one category anyways…

The crazy space-comedy of THE German manga-talents in paperback!!



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