EMA Shinkan 09 – Orcus Star (fantasy)

September 17, 2006

EMA (Egmont Manga & Anime, a German company) releases a semi-annual, free-to-download/pick-up manga compiler called Shinkan. In it are short descriptions of their series (manga, manhwa, and global manga), and sometimes a few pages from a series of note.
These are the pages that focus on OGM from Shinkan 09… a short summary and a few sample pages of Orcus Star, a single volume story written by Gina Wetzel. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.


Contract with hell.

When the 17 year old Maiko dies in an accident, she unexpectedly ends up not in heaven, but in the underworld! There, she meets the goddess of death, Hel, who wants to punish her for her earthly (mis)deeds. Because Maiko has committed all seven deadly sins that humans can commit, she is now sentenced to eternal condemnation. Finally, she manages to make deal with Hel, but one should read the small print on such occasions…

The seven deadly sins: pride, greed, sloth, gluttony, lust, envy, and wrath… Can one convert this pretty dark topic into an entertaining manga? One can (or, rather, she can): Gina Wetzel, second in the doujinshi contest of Connichi 2003, managed the little miracle of giving the morbid topic her own spin, using humor and fantasy.

(seemingly left to right?)


As a spirit, life isn’t especially exciting either… Okay, “Life” isn’t exactly the right word…
Maaan. And this yami-thing has been gone since yesterday. So how am I supposed to manage this in seven days?!

(also definitely left to right…)

Yamiiiii! I missed you so much! Where were yooou? *sob*
While you lazed around here, I searched for your second task.

Uh huh… very interesting. And so I can accomplish it, you’ll teach me cool things like flying and explain how I can talk with that stupid raven so he won’t constantly attack me, right?!

(but this one is…definitely right to left! Don’t ask me, sorry.)

You could communicate with him if you would listen to him. As ghosts, we speak the language of the soul, because that’s all we are. Our bodies and voices are dead.
Also, your current shape originates from your soul. The body that you see is nothing but your memory.

Hmm… My soul is too fat.
You could change your shape, but that requires training…


…and experience, otherwise- ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!

Uh, yesh… why?


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