German OGM – CarlsenComics

September 17, 2006



So, you think TOKYOPOP’s all there is to OGM (original global manga)? Think again.

The German publisher CarlsenComics has been producing their own line of western-manga for a few years now… here’s what’s out there.

The following titles were serialized in Daisuki, a monthly manga mag that has both Japanese and OGM titles. English summaries (however awkward they may be!) are courtesy of the publisher; we take no credit for them!



Delilah’s Mystery
and Tram Nguyen
One volume (ongoing)
ISBN: 3551768366

One of DAISUKI ‘s most popular series is, at long last, available in paperback. Delilah’s Secret tells of the love triangle involving Josh, Jessica, and Delilah. Josh feels strongly attracted by Delilah, a new girl at the high school. This causes the ire of Jessica, who fancies him herself. To complicate matters still further, Delilah keeps a secret. Will Josh continue to pay attention to her when he finds out who she really is?


Judith Park
One volume
ISBN: 3-551-77442-0

Dionne and her brother Lyon are very close and help each other at all times. But Lyon suffers from a cardiac defect which causes his sister a lot of trouble. In addition, her parents unintentionally neglect her in their concern for their son. To make matters worse, another woman enters Lyon’s life: Dionne’s best friend falls in love with him …

Rights sold to France, Greece and Italy


Nina Werner
One volume
ISBN: 3-551-77441-2

After a three year stay abroad sixteen-year-old Chiyo Kita returns to her old school in . There, however, things are no longer what they used to be … JIBUN-JISHIN, which means something like “I myself” is Nina Werner’s extraordinary début comic. It has already been serialized in DAISUKI, Carlsen’s Manga magazine for girls.

Rights sold to Greece and France

Judith Park
One volume
ISBN: 3-551-78193-1

Yoshitaka Kogirei is not exactly a hit with girls, which worries him considerably. His new classmate Yagate, on the other hand, seems to attract girls like a honey pot attracts bees. This winds up Yoshitaka even more, so he asks Yagate for his recipe for success – and Yagate willingly gives him a few hints. As Yagate is a member of the jury for the «Beauty Contest», he suggests that Yoshitaka join him and stand in for a member of the committee who has fallen ill. But when his dream girl enters the stage he can no longer keep his macho temperament in check with the result that things seem to be in a great big mess …

Rights sold to France, Greece, Italy, Russia and Korea

The following volumes are listed under CarlsenComics’ “manga” label, but weren’t serialized in Daisuki. Translations are by Kerstin Wolff.


Bloody Circus
Jürgen Seebeck
Two volumes: (collection of short stories)

ISBN: 3-551-77766-0
ISBN: 3-551-77767-9

Finally: the first manga by a German artist is published by Carlsen! Jürgen Seebeck has established himself as the ingenious translator of “Akira”, “Dragon Ball”, “Astro Boy”, and “Dr. Slump”. Now Carlsen publishes his manga “Bloody Circus”, drawn in color for a Japanese Online-Comic-Magazine, and now a paperback. In his stories, he fascinatingly connects figures and elements of European and Asian history and literature, which always meet each other in a tragic way.


Robert Labs
Two volumes:
ISBN: 3-551-76711-4
ISBN: 3-551-76712-2

The Earth in the year 2070. Only the young Crash Cashaddi and his little companion Snerf survive the terrible attack on Earth by the alien Krasoon. With their self-constructed spaceship, they manage to leave the completely destroyed Earth at the last minute. First, they go to Mars, where the race of the Zeros has taken over. They immediately are imprisoned with the last surviving Martians. The fate of Crash and Snerf seems set in stone, but in prison the two meet Juna and Jerome, and become friends in the battle against evil. Together they face the almost-unsolvable problem of fleeing from Mars in order to fill the destroyed Earth with new life before the Krasoon return to settle it. The biggest adventure of all times begins…


Dragic Master
Robert Labs
Two volumes:
ISBN: 3-551-75141-2
ISBN: 3-551-75142-0

A hero against his own will, student Ted Sunzai lands between the fronts of a bitter civil war that rages on the planet C’uoh. But he doesn’t have to get through his battle alone, because with the Dragics, small dragon creatures with magical abilities, he has helpers on his side that are more powerful than their cute exterior belies.


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