German OGM – EMA

September 17, 2006

So you thought that was all, huh? ;/ Never underestimate the OGM movement… Here are the titles released by Egmont Manga & Anime (EMA), another of Germany’s main manga companies. There’s some shoujo, some shounen (?), and even some BL! Enjoy.

Summaries are kindly translated by my girlfriend, so feel free to comment with any questions or queries for more info.

Oh, and we’re in the process of adding cover images to the TP German OGM entry, so be sure to check that out again sometime soon.


Alexandra Völker
One volume (ongoing)
ISBN: 3-7704-6321-8

Her looks always brought Blanche nothing but trouble. “As an albino you always attract everyone’s gaze, and fascination is the friendliest reaction…” says the 16-year-old. Mostly, Blanche is ashamed of her white hair and special eye color.
But one day she meets Merry. Recruiting for a model agency, Merry prefers to cast young girls that are anything but average. In Blanche, she seems to have refound the beauty that the Xela City Agency lost a long time ago.
The young star of course knows nothing about this history. She will also muse over her cute-but-bitchy model colleague Kei Memphis (male). But until then, there is still plenty of time to try on loads of beautiful clothes. Charming fashion from the cosplay catalogue! And together, first experiences… in love and on the catwalk, which means the world!

Freaky Angel
Lenka Buschova
Two Volumes
ISBN: 3770462637
ISBN: 3770462645


Whether in love, friendship, or carrier: angel Hikari helps in every type of situation. Her clients, however, are a little crazy – and that fits perfectly for the Freaky Angel, who accomplishes her tasks in very unique ways. That her first client’s best friend is a mop doesn’t throw off Hikari’s stride at all. She wants to act as a matchmaker between the shy Satoshi and his secret love, Ren. After that, she’s supposed to fix the friendship between Raya and Karin – or find them new friends/boyfriends. And finally, there is still the singer Kyumin, who wants to quit her job…
Three stand-alone short stories, each with two chapters, tell the story of the Freaky Angel. After every case, she disappears, and all memories of her go with her. But for the readers, Hikari will certainly be unforgettable!

One volume (3 planned)
ISBN: 3-7704-6482-6

They are young, wild, and indépendent…
…at least, as long as Daddy pays. But hip girl Épicé can’t be that dependent anymore; after all, she’s the daughter of a true mafioso. So she decides to up her budget, which suffers strongly from her shopping sprees. Mafia-style, of course…
In the newest work from our DuO is filled with juicy bishies and tough manga-babes! Of course, the two always have a little fun with such stereotypes.
…And then it says, literally, “It would be a pity if they didn’t; after all, a Shingo with an accounting compulsion is double as cute!”, and we really, -really- have no idea what they mean. :D

Mon-Star Attack
Two volumes
ISBN: 3-7704-6164-9
ISBN: 3-7704-6165-7

The terror has a name, and two poofy ears, and a speech impediment.
*Nuff*! (possibly snuggle)
Dr. K. Nickel (Dr. R Abbit), villain out of passion for the job, sheep-pelt wearer, and boss of the attack group “Mon-Star” can neither be scared nor stopped. Except maybe by the short-comings of his minions and two little fruit and vegetable sellers who bravely oppose the terror of the universe…

Orcus Star
Gina Wetzel
One volume

ISBN: 3-7704-6223-8

When the 17 year old Maiko dies in an accident, she unexpectedly ends up not in heaven, but in the underworld! There, she meets the goddess of death, Hel, who wants to punish her for her earthly (mis)deeds. Because Maiko has committed all seven deadly sins that humans can commit, she is now sentenced to eternal condemnation. Finally, she manages to make deal with Hel, but one should read the small print on such occasions…
Gina Wetzel, second in the doujinshi contest of Connichi 2003, managed the little miracle of giving the morbid topic her own spin, using humor and fantasy.

Shanghai Passion
Ying Zhou Chang
One volume
ISBN: 3-7704-6351-x

Shanghai, 1933: The German businessman Vincent Sebastian von Kretsch has traveled to to forge trading connections and to escape marriage to his fiancée, whom he believes he cannot truly love.
In Shangai, he meets Bai Li, the son of a powerful Chinese mafia family which has big plans for him and his half-brother Lei…who oddly attracts the conservative foreigner!
Ying Zhou Cheng is the winner of the Connichi doujinshi contest 2004. With her short story “CHOU”, she enchanted the jury and readers alike. With “Shanghai Passion”, the Chinese-born passionate cosplayer has her impressive manga debut.

Without Identity
Sascha Schätzchen / Utopian Artists
Two volumes
ISBN: 3-89885-677-1
ISBN: 3-89885-678-X

Behind the pseudonym “Utopian Artists” hide two promising German authors, who tell a suspenseful fantasy story, Without Identity. The story draws every reader in with its well-planned graphics and highly explosive mix of erotic aspects, human abysses and philosophical depths.


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