Tokyopop’s German OGM titles

September 17, 2006


Plenty of people are aware of TokyoPop’s OGM titles- but what most don’t realize is that there are also quite a few that the company has produced on the other side of the world.

TOKYOPOP Germany’s OGM titles:
Summaries are translated from the original German text, which is, of course, (c) TP…

YONEN BUZZ. 3-4 vol by Christina Plaka

I’ll start by mentioning the only title TokyoPop has brought from their German line so far- Yonen Buzz.
All info about this series can be found here, on this site.

Titles that haven’t been translated–

EVERGREY. 3 vol by Tusk Entertainment.
A bitter feud between witches and vampires has raged for ages. Almost no one can still remember why it began. In the confusion of this fight, a passionate love between the witch Kyrania and the vampire Szandor blooms, from which a child is born. This child, with no idea of its heritage, will years later change the face of the world forever.

IN THE END. 1 vol(?) by Pink Psycho.
The student Kaito Niikura* always gets into fights with his dad, who shows absolutely no understanding for his son’s way of life. Left alone in this way, Kaito tries to make sense of his life – until one day, he meets the teacher Ren Ando*, who develops an almost sick love for the student…

In the End is based on authentic comments of teenagers in diverse internet forums, which Pink Psycho reworked into a dramatic composition. Hence, the manga mirrors the feeling of life of a generation which feels they can’t find a place in our world.

*for all those who may be interested in J-rock, the last names are those of Dir en Grey members, which can’t be mere coincidence, considering the “about the authors” page…

ISCEL. 3 vol by Detta Zimmerman.
The military force Sem Icim wants to obtain world domination. For this, they use Iscel, human-like creatures with supernatural abilities and the power to control the elements. The young Iscel Finn meets the orphan street-girl Lalin on a mission. Shortly afterwards, Finn is gravely wounded in battle with a sorceress. Lalin can save Finn, and together they attempt to escape the Sem Icim…

GOTHIC SPORTS. 3 vol by Anike Hage.
Anya is new at the high school, and is having trouble fitting in. To change that, she wants to join one of the school sports teams, but none of the teams will accept her. She gets the idea to start her own soccer team for the big school championship. In training, it becomes obvious that her eleven-person team still needs a lot of practice. But with a genius idea for their uniforms, they manage to get the desired attention at the championship after all.

SKETCHBOOK BERLIN. 2 vol by Marie Sann & Guido Neukamm.
Shortly before summer break, 16 year old Leila’s life is in total chaos. Her family is in pieces, and the betrayal of her best friend (female) results in a much-desired party ending in a catastrophe.
Armed with a sketchbook, she takes to the streets of Berlin, where she experiences strange things. A dinosaur skeleton and an eraser make her meet Sebastian, who is surrounded by a few mysteries…

SUMMER RAIN. 1 vol(?) by Natalie Wormsbecher.
Lia Pahnke is experiencing the most exciting time of her still-young life, because she gets to know two guys better at the same time- guys who couldn’t be more different. One one hand, there is the swooned-over teen actor Kosuke Sorimachi. On the other hand, there is the silent class president, Anders Richter, who is said to be a loner. Soon, Lia’s feelings go as crazy as the weather in this rainy Berlin summer…

TRIPLE WITCHING HOUR. 1 vol(?) by Olga Rogalski.
The twins Demien and Yunna have been connected since early childhood by more than mere family-ties. They are entirely different in character, but they spend a lot of time with each other and get along wonderfully. When Demien dies in a motorcycle accident, Yunna’s life spirals out of control. To her, it is as if she has lost her other half.
Then the unbelievable happens: When Yunna gets home one day, Damien suddenly stands in front of her!

MANGA FIEBER. 2 vol of short stories by various authors.
The passion for Japanese comics has made many German fans pick up the pen and try to draw for themselves. In a lot of them lies a hidden talent. The biggest talents have been brought together by TOKYOPOP in a very special project. Manga Fieber is stuffed full of short stories which revolve around the cult of Japan! By the hand of the Manga-Stars of tomorrow!

GRIMM’S MANGA. 1vol by Keiko Ishiyama.
Grimm’s fairytales lend wings to the fantasies of various artists again and again. One such artist is the Japanese mangaka Keiko Ishiyama, living in Germany, who has provided very special versions of five fairytales of the Brothers Grimm. With enchanting imagery, she reinterprets the stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, H
änsel and Gretel, the Two Brothers (in two parts), and the Twelve Hunters.

For those interested in which of the English-language OGM titles have been published in Germany, here’s a list:
I Luv Halloween
Peach Fuzz
Princess Ai
Sokora Refugees
Steady Beat

I wouldn’t be surprised if more are in the process of being translated, but these are what the site lists.

If anyone is particularly interested in any certain titles, or wants to know the stories that make up TP Germany’s Manga Fieber, feel free to ask.


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