EMA Shinkan 10 – Anthology & Manga Contest

September 18, 2006

These are the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 10… Info about Manga Twister (a manga anthology), and also info about Comic Campus, EMA’s version of RSOM. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Magazine

Germany’s thickest manga-mag is…

not only an impressive stack of printed pages, but also something really special: Because our whirlwind offers something that not even the Japanese know: manga for boys and girls in one magazine, shounen and shoujo joined peacefully and only a little “twist” away from each other.

Its bimonthly publishing is new, and there are also some new fledgling series in both sides. For example, Dream Kiss, by Kazumi Ohya: a manga that looks at the topic of gender switching from the female point of view, as the cute heroine finds herself to be a member of a boy-band! The new shounen-hit is named Midori no Hibi, and also promises a lot of reading fun!

Apart from that, as always, everything about manga is there, as well as great reading material (480 pages!), super prizes, and (this time for sure) a teeny-tiny preview of the new DuO series.

Manga Made in Germany

Be a Manga Artist: Comic Campus 2005

It’s being shouted from the rooftops, and the cover of this Shinkan informs the reader as well: EMA is celebrating its fifth birthday! Five years of EMA – that means five years of reading fun from Japan, Korea… and Germany!

Of course, supporting the German newcomer mangaka is at the top of our to-do list for our anniversary year too. After all, the drawing of Japanese and Korean comics has long-ceased to be the business just of well-known professional artists from Japan and Korea; by now there are numerous German talents that draw in the manga style – and who really don’t have to be afraid of being compared to their famous role models!

This is proven once more by our doujinshi contest; this year it’s been organized under the name Comic Campus, together with Animexx and the writing-utensil supplier STABILO. Around 800 submissions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland make it obvious once again that the manga-art has long-since found a way into central European culture. We give a heart-felt thank you to all participants!

You can certainly imagine that with such a high number of submissions and a high level of quality of many of the entries the selection of the winners wasn’t easy. Nevertheless, we had to make a decision and after an exhausting reading marathon by the judges, the three best submissions to Comic Campus 2005 were finally determined.

And here they are:

First prize:
Diana Liesaus (Dresden)
Title: “Puppet 175”

Second prize:
Alina and Alesja Wagner (Wackersdorf)
Title: “Trip2Ehon”

Third prize:
Luisa Velontrova (Luckenwalde)
Title: “Paradise is Nowhere”

The submitted manga short stories of all three winners will be published by EMA in a special issue – the Shinkan Special 2005, which will, as always, come out for Connichi (September 16-18). Apart from the three winners, there are also runners up from other Comic Campus participants who didn’t manage to make it into the very top, but whose work still impressed us so much that we had to include them in this doujinshi volume. Who are they? Just check online.

The winners of Comic Campus 2005 are listed there with their submissions. And by the way- the Shinkan Special 2005 will be available for download starting in October on the listed internet sites!

Many newcomer artists manage the jump into publishing via our doujinshi contest and get a much-desired EMA contract. In the following pages, you can see a few that already made it and have stories that are already out in paperback, published by EMA. Have fun reading!


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