Fireangels – Lime Law v1 (boys love anthology)

September 19, 2006

We interrupt the scheduled Shinkan translations to give a summary of a new anthology from a young publisher, Fireangels, that focuses on global manga- especially BL/yaoi & yuri global manga (they have a yearly con, too- YaYuCo). Tomorrow we’ll give info on how to submit & what they currently have planned, but for now we’ll mention one of the two volumes they already have out.
Lime Law v1, the first we’re mentioning, was just released last month. It appears to be an ongoing anthology, but the stories within are not continuous- rather, each volume of Lime Law consists of several self-contained short stories.
Links to the preview pages are provided, with quick translations of each. All images and information come from the Fireangels’ homepage.

Lime Law v1
ISBN : 3-939309-01-7 (currently available at
Price: 10.99€
Pages: 184p, 18 in color

Preview one- artist: Crow13 (story was also published in Shinkan Special ’05)
page onepage two

Only God knows what I felt
when I recognized…

What you are.


not a puppet!
Because you feel, just like I do.

Preview two – artist: Dee
page onepage two

Come with me!
What? *badum badum*

But Ian… what? *badum, etc*

*blink blink* Get undressed!

*sweat* *blush*

Don’t look so scared, Sayus…
You started it…
And I have no problem continuing…

Preview three – artist: Iruka
page onepage two

Do you want to go?

I… I’m not sure.

You said you didn’t want to be alone.

What the hell is up with Randy?

But… this time I don’t want to push him away...

Preview four – artist: CaitLin
page onepage two

Hmm… *Physics for Dummies*

Who the hell needs physics? *throw* *flutter*

*sigh* *dum da dum*

So, what’s wrong now?


Do you have a minute?

Blahblahblah *hm?*

Oh Gooood… oh God… Mei-chan… what are you doing?!
Just a sec…


Preview five – artist: Vanira
page onepage two

Are you listening to me?



Preview six – artist: Chiron-san
page onepage two

Nothing’s changed in eight years…

since I moved away from here.

Kabu Hataka, 17 years old.

I guess no one will recognize me…

If I recognize anyone in the first place.

I really don’t want to go to this boys’ school.

Careful with the tarp! Yeah, that’s good. A little bit higher.


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  1. […] Elae, was cool enough to hip me to burgeoning BL scene in Germany. Now Germans love their manga, and they’ve got a healthy share of licensors, and an even healthier clutch of Global Manga publishers, but since I only tend to care about BL, I was happy when she showed me the website for German publisher FireAngels Verlag. Now the BL scene in Germany is slowly growing, they’ve even got their own little ‘yaoicon’, much like Poland used to, and it’s called YaYuCo. FireAngels Verlag released Lime Law v1 [ISBN : 3-939309-01-7], a soft-core anthology of one-shot BL-stories, it’s retailing at 7.99€, with 184 pages, 18 of which are in color. Sample pages can be found at the site here, but Elae has featured a couple of pages at her blog, with translations in English. Hopefully, these artists and writers in German BL can get enough exposure to bring their work stateside. I know Yaoi Press plans to release a BL line of soft-core titles to younger fans, perhaps some works from the Lime Law series may find themselves printed in English. […]

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