Fireangels – open call for submissions

September 20, 2006

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Livejournal Community (english/bilingual)
Y-Gallery (english/bilingual)
Message board (german)

It may be young, but Fireangels is eager to get books out… and they’re open to submissions for anyone- you don’t have to be German to submit a story.

Current deadlines:

October 1, 2006
Yuri 1 – short manga stories, 10-60 pages. must contain yuri/shoujo ai.
Yuri 2 – short stories and illustrations. must contain yuri/shoujo ai.

November 1, 2006 – Science Fiction 1 – short manga and short stories (can be illustrated). can be anything (yuri, yaoi, OR “normal”)

December 1, 2006 – Man Meets “Man” – short manga and short stories. required theme: a bishounen meets a “real man”…

January 1, 2007 – Surreal 2 – short manga and short stories (can be illustrated). can be anything (yuri, yaoi, OR “normal”)

February 1, 2007
Fantasy 1 – short manga and short stories (can be illustrated). can be anything (yuri, yaoi, OR “normal”)
Yaoi 18+ 1– short manga and short stories (can be illustrated).  mature content.

March 1, 2007 – Fairytale 1 – short manga and short stories (can be illustrated). a yaoi/yuri twist on a fairytale.

April 1, 2007 – Yaoi 3 – short manga (10-60 pages) and short stories (1-5 pages).

Requirements for Manga Submissions (more info can be found here)

Nothing heavier than “R”, no rape, no shota/lolicon.
600 DPI
A5 size, with a 4mm-1.5cm bleed
Submit as .tif without text
Typically 10-60 pages- if you email them, they will allow 8-70p.
Black and white (no greyscale)
Must be original characters- no fan doujinshi.
Reading direction- western or “japanese” are both accepted.
Each anthology is about 300-400 pages.
Payment will be made for your stories, but ammounts cannot be publically disclosed.

Stories will ultimately be published in German, so you may want to find a translator (…drop us an email) or discuss this with the publisher.

You can email them (English is fine, no worries) if you have any questions


6 Responses to “Fireangels – open call for submissions”

  1. […] Talent Call! All Global BL creators, German publisher Fireangels Verlag is looking talent. I spoke at length, finally, to their managing editor, and as Elae stated in her blog: you don’t have to be German to submit a story… […]

  2. […] Job postings: From Deutsche Mangaka comes word that the German manga publisher Fireangels is looking for submissions. And you don’t have to know German to enter. (Via Guns, Guys, and Yaoi.) Prism Comics posts to the TCJ message board that they are looking for writers to review comics with LGBT content. No pay, just the glory of being published. And Kids Love Comics is looking for samples of work by people who make comics for kids. […]

  3. Dorie LaRue Says:

    Can you help? I am looking for a German press to publish my novel. Would you be so kind as to make a suggestion, if you can? Thank you. Dorie LaRue

  4. Wonderful, i love anime so much, it’s fantastic – these arent my favourite characters but theyre wicked all the same.

  5. WiiBrew Says:

    Nice looking website, can I ask you what template you are running and how much it costs? I have been using free ones but can’t find one that I really like.

  6. Hi there, nice site with good info. I really like coming back here often. There’s only one thing that annoys me and that is the misfunctioning of comment posting. I usually get to 500 error page, and have to do the post twice.

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