Fireangels: K-A-E 29th Secret v1 (boys love)

September 22, 2006

“K-A-E 29th Secret” v1 was Fireangels’ first venture into publishing, having a low first print of only 250 (the last of which was sold at last weekend’s Connichi). It’s clear that this is a first attempt, with awkward art and Comic Sans, but recent pages show some improvement. K-A-E was originally published as an online comic on Animexx, a German fansite, and up to volume 4 has been posted there.

K-A-E 29th Secret v1
Author: Martina “Chiron-san” Peters
ISBN: 3-939309-00-1 (was available through &
Price: 8.49€
Pages: 308, plus fanart

…what would you do if you no longer knew who you were?…

Kae, a 17 year old boy, wakes up in a lab. There, he’s told that he no longer has an identity, and he himself remembers nothing before the day of his awakening.

Did he even have a life?

He would give anything to regain his memories, because he seems to be the only one of the so-called “Genes” in the Center- which is what the research lab calls itself – who has to live locked up and can’t remember anything.

Driven by his thirst for knowledge, the boy manages to flee from the Center, and at first, fortune seems to smile on him as he finds people that help him and who he can trust. But then another Gene who fled from the Center shows up, and that starts a chain of events which drag Kae deeper and deeper into a wild hunt- one there seems to be no escape from.

Preview page 1 (p56) – all pages read right to left
Already after nine! We should go to bed, it was a long day.

Good night, Kae.

Good night.

Preview page 2 (p57)
Good night…
And tomorrow? What will tomorrow be like? Can I live without knowing who I am?
Or maybe I’ll be found.

Preview page 3 (p58)
Good night… Twentynine. *tap*

A sound? Am I already dreaming?

Preview page 4 (p59)

Preview page 5 (p60)


4 Responses to “Fireangels: K-A-E 29th Secret v1 (boys love)”

  1. Chiron-san Says:

    Hello there ^^/)
    Wow, I’m really proud of being written about here XDv or about my manga =D

    Well XD the art is still awkward but for the V.1 another consistent font was used. ^_~

    (btw wow XD where did you get those old pages?)

  2. elae Says:

    Hi ^^
    Gern geschehen! (kannst uns ja linken, wenn du magst)
    Und danke fuer’s vorbei schauen.
    Ja, wir haben den vierten Teil auf Animexx gesehen, man sieht echt die Fortschritte ^^
    Die Seiten sind auf der FireAngels Seite als Preview zur Verfuegung gestellt (und ein paar aus anderen Kapiteln dieses Bandes).

  3. Chiron Says:

    XD oi, da muss ich Myriam mal zwicken sie soll die Seiten gegen die mit der richtigen Schrift auswechseln *lach*
    ^_^v danke für’s linken nochmal und so =3 werd euch auch linken (morgen, wenn ich nicht mehr so platt bin vom Zugfahren XD)

  4. elae Says:

    okay! sobald sie oben sind, tauschen wir dann auch die seiten aus.
    danke! ^^ wir freun uns. ah, die deutsche bahn…

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