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September 22, 2006

For anyone who’s actually near enough to go, here’s a list of some of the current going-ons in the German global manga scene.


Again and again, the question is asked… how is a manga created? An answer to that can now be found in Bayreuth, Germany. Using Christina Plaka and her manga Yonen Buzz as an example, TOKYOPOP created an exhibition for the city library under the title, “How is a Manga Created”, which gives an introduction to this broad topic.
The exhibition runs from the first through the 30th of September in the city library of Bayreuth on Luitpoldplatz 7.

Opening times:
Monday: 10-1pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 10-7pm
Wednesday, Friday: 10-6pm
Saturday: 10-1pm


Judith Park and Nam & Tram Nguyen will be at the Frankfurt Bookfair.
Signings will be:
Friday, 10/6/2006
4 – 6pm Judith Park
Saturday, 10/7/2006
1 – 3pm Judith Park
3 – 5pm Nam & Tram
Sunday, 10/8/2006
11 – 12pm Judith Park
1 – 3pm Nam & Tram

Nam & Tram Nguyen – signing tour

Nam and Tram pack their suitcase and go on a big signing tour! Don’t miss a chance to meet the cute artist-duo starting October 25th in Gießen, Dresden, Magdeburg and Leipzig. They’ll have their new book, “DELILAH’S MYSTERY”, with them, and look forward to scribbling in them for you!

Wed, 10/25 in Gießen
Karstadt AG
Seltersweg 64
starting at 3pm

Thurs, 10/26 in Dresden
Dresdner Comicladen
Bautzner Str. 30

Fri, 10/27 in Magdeburg
First floor in the City Carré
Kantstr. 3

Sat, 10/28 in Leipzig
City Comics
Nürnberger Str. 3
starting at 12pm

MANGA-MAGIE: The judges are meeting- the suspense is rising!

Almost 1,000 of you once again took part in MANGA-MAGIE and handed in self-drawn manga, each several pages long. The contest, held by the train station bookstore chain LUDWIG in collaboration with ANIMANIA, the organization of German train station book-traders and the German manga-publishers, is going into the deciding phase!
Shortly after the Frankfurt Bookfair, the judges will meet to decide who of you will win the possible prizes, each worth up to €1,000. For CARLSEN, the head of the manga department, Kai-Steffen Schwarz, will be a judge.
The award ceremony will be held on October 28th in the historic city council in Cologne- music will be provided by the Cologne student-band B.E.K.S. and the (German) j-rock group SUGOI.

Further info about the contest is available at and in the MANGA MAGIE forum at Email questions can be directed to

The October issue of DAISUKI (a monthly manga anthology) will have a “close up” of Y SQUARE PLUS. Everything there is to know about Judith Park’s new series- in full color!

Issue 10/2006
Magazine, b&w and color, 248 pages
€ 5,- (Germany) / € 5,20 (Austria) / Swiss-Francs 9,90
ISBN 3-551-78535-X

by Nam & Tram Nguyen

Now new: the first original paperback by Nam & Tram Nguyen!
The beautiful Delilah is new at school. On the very first day, the school casanova, Josh, notices her and starts hitting on her. That doesn’t please the mega-bitch Jessica, who’s had her eye on Josh. Is this the typical chaos? No, because Delilah is surrounded by a dark mystery…
Finally, the whole story is collected into one volume.
With color bonus pages: star-fanart from Judith Park and Nina Werner!

Nam & Tram Nguyen
Paperback, b&w and color, 200 pages
€ 6,- (Germany), € 6,20 (Austria), Swiss-Francs 11,20
ISBN 3-551-76836-0

Single volume.

Available on the 28th of September.


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