EMA Shinkan 10 – Freaky Angel

September 24, 2006

These are some of the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 10… A summary and a few preview pages of Freaky Angel. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Made in Germany/Comedy

An angel for love.

Whether in love, friendship, or carrier: angel Hikari helps in every type of situation. Her clients, however, are a little crazy – and that fits perfectly for the Freaky Angel, who accomplishes her tasks in very unique ways. That her first client’s best friend is a mop doesn’t throw off Hikari’s stride at all. She wants to act as a matchmaker between the shy Satoshi and his secret love, Ren. After that, she’s supposed to fix the friendship between Raya and Karin – or find them new friends/boyfriends. And finally, there is still the singer Kyumin, who wants to quit her job…
Three stand-alone short stories, each with two chapters, tell the story of the Freaky Angel. After every case, she disappears, and all memories of her go with her. But for the readers, Hikari will certainly be unforgettable!
Lenka Buschova, the winner of the Connichi 2003 drawing contest, presents herself as a new talent with her romantic comedy plots and impressive layout and artwork.

(right to left)

What’s with the ridiculous wings?


Thanks, now I can go back to sweeping.
But you know, not like it matters that I have to clean it up.

What do you want?
To help you with love, since you really suck.

And I already have an idea.

Don’t bother, no one can help me there.

Just leave it to me!
After all, I’m a real neotenshi.

So will you be my love slave?

Waah! Mr. Mop!

Kyaa, what are you doing?!
Jumping after it…
Lemme go!

Hmm, comfy bed. I can imagine staying here…
Thanks for letting me stay here in exchange for my help.

But somehow, you’re pretty naïve.
After all, I could be a homicidal psychopath…

If you want me to throw you out, keep acting like you are.

Damn, cut myself.


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