EMA Shinkan 10 – Shanghai Passion (boys love)

September 25, 2006

These are some of the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 10… A summary and a few preview pages of Shanghai Passion, a single volume BL work. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Made in Germany/Shounen Ai adult

Travel and see the world…

Shanghai, 1933: The German businessman Vincent Sebastian von Kretsch has traveled to China to forge trading connections and to escape marriage to his fiancée, whom he believes he cannot truly love.
In Shangai, he meets Bai Li, the son of a powerful Chinese mafia family which has big plans for him and his half-brother Lei…who oddly attracts the conservative foreigner!
Ying Zhou Cheng is the winner of the Connichi doujinshi contest 2004. With her short story “CHOU”, she enchanted the jury and readers alike. With “Shanghai Passion”, the Chinese-born passionate cosplayer has her impressive manga debut.

(right to left)

I was just kidding.

Phew… hehe…

Would you like to rest, or dine right away?

Dine. I want to be punctual…
…proper, and…


You are so distracted. Should I carry you to your room…
…Mr. von Solms?

Uh… no, I’m just… distracted by the city…

Would you like me to show you “my city” later?
I am practically married, miss.

Well… voila.

5 Responses to “EMA Shinkan 10 – Shanghai Passion (boys love)”

  1. gynocrat Says:

    Ah those Powerful Chinese Mafia families! They always have that one son… ^_^

  2. jambomb Says:

    is it ok if i post here?

  3. xiaohu Says:

    ying is great, this girl is a star

  4. Yehu Says:

    great! Thank you for review, r site to read it online?

  5. Yehu Says:

    great! Thank you for review, are sites to read it online?

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