EMA Shinkan 11 – Indépendent

September 26, 2006

The cover and a few of the pages that focus on global manga from Shinkan 11… A summary and a few preview pages of Indépendent. Translations of the pages can be found below. Click the thumbnails for the full images.

Manga Made in Germany

They are young, wild, and indépendent…

…at least, as long as Daddy pays. But hip girl Épicé can’t be that dependent anymore; after all, she’s the daughter of a true mafioso. So she decides to up her budget, which suffers strongly from her shopping sprees. Mafia-style, of course…
In the newest work from our DuO is filled with juicy bishies and tough manga-babes! Of course, the two always have a little fun with such stereotypes.
It would be a pity if they didn’t; after all, a Shingo with an accounting compulsion is twice as cute! [we don’t know what they mean by this…]
The writing utensil-producers of the nation agreed, and hence you will soon find Epice & Co. on five shiny highlighters from STABILO… available all over Europe! Those who can wait (*harhar*) will get the cute pens for free with the manga (volume one, limited first edition)!

*heavenly beauty*
I am young, cute, self-confident, loved by all, cool and stylish…
…and have everything a hip girl needs.
And that would be…
The DuO-Trend-News-Exclusive-Special-Fashion-Magazine for Independent Girls™!
Thanks to it, every hip girl knows what she needs.
And that’s why it appears daily.

Other than ten pages of ads, horoscopes, DuO-propaganda, and for special occasions, bonus glitter stickers, the absolute highlight is the In/Out-List with constantly changing trends.
Of course, I have the absolute musts of the day!

Fruit hairclips (even though I find vegetables to be cooler)
T-shirt instead of a blouse
Tie (actually, two) in the color of the month, which is determined by the school principal via choosing lots
Way too short a skirt (for safety, with petticoat)
Tights (and socks, because I like ‘em)
Two-striped loose socks
Sports bag
Mega-long cell-phone straps
Platform shoes

It can’t be true!


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