Tokyopop & Fireangels: updates & news

September 27, 2006

From’s September newsletter.

TOKYOPOP at the Frankfurt Bookfair.
Tokyopop will be present for the third time, with special guest Anike Hage (Gothic Sports).
The signing schedule is as follows (all signings take place in Comic-Zentrum):
Saturday, 10/07/2006
12-2pm – signing by Anike Hage
Sunday, 10/08/2006
10-12pm – signing by Anike Hage and Jeff Smith (Bone)
3-5pm – signing by Anike Hage

Portfolio reviews are also available on Saturday from 4-5pm at the TOKYOPOP stand (Hall 3, J820).

New in October.

In the End-
Pink Psycho
attracted a lot of attention recently when they first presented samples from In The End at AnimagiC and Connichi.
Now the book is finally available, and the story will be sure to touch you. The manga is a dramatic interpretation of authentic statements from teenagers on diverse internet forums. The manga therefore mirrors the outlook on life shared by a whole generation- “there is no place for me in the world.”

Iscel v2-
The orphan girl Lalin and Finn, a member of the Sem Icim, have become friends and fight their way through the chaos of war, trying to get to safety. And with that, their unavoidable search for their fate begins…
You can read about the experiences of Lalin and Finn in the second volume of Iscel. The first chapter is available on Manga Player.

Yonen Buzz 0 – Plastic Chew-
What happened before there was Yonen Buzz? TOKYOPOP presents the new edition of the prologue, Prussian Blue. Under the title of Yonen Buzz – Plastic Chew (volume 0), you can see how everything began…
As all of you surely know, Christina Plaka is currently in Japan as part of her Japanese studies. In the Yonen Buzz thread on the TOKYOPOP-Forum , Chris periodically offers insights into her everyday life and the discoveries she makes in the Land of Manga. Check it out!

Also being released are German versions of Steady Beat v1 and I Luv Halloween v1.


Also new are a few updates by Fireangels. We’ve edited our recent post about submission guidelines to fit their changes. Lime Law v1 is also now available through, for anyone interested in buying it.
One addition of note, however, is a new anthology…

A more “adult” (NC17) version of their Lime Law anthology, Lemon Law will focus on more mature themes. More information can be found (in both English and German) by clicking the banner.
There are plans for a similar yuri anthology in the future, for those interested.


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  1. gynocrat Says:

    DURTY Schtuff! I will blog about this tomarrow! XD

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