Schwarzer Turm – Paper Theatre v1 – 1/4

September 29, 2006

Paper Theatre is a quarterly anthology published by Schwarzer Turm. All of the works contained within it are original German stories. While Schwarzer Turm’s other anthology, Es war keinmal, is published left-to-right, Paper Theatre is read right -to-left. The volumes of Paper Theatre contain both ongoing stories and oneshots, with topics ranging from boys love to shounen to a silent, alternative-styled comic about hares. Three volumes have been released so far, with no plans of collecting the ongoing series into individual volumes.
These previews are taken from a pdf available for download on Schwarzer Turm’s homepage.

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Paper Theatre v1

Paper Theatre – The German Manga-Magazine

Paper Theatre started a totally new kind of magazine, a regular publication that is all about the works of German-language manga artists. Paper Theatre will focus on these at fairs and signings of lauded young stars of the comic-scene and not just be another random anime/manga magazine.

The magazine is published in the typical – favored by teenagers – Japanese look, hence it’s read “back to front” and “left to right”. Furthermore, Paper Theatre will offer a lot of reading material (about 200 pages) for a comparably low price. The large comic amounts are rounded out by interesting articles about the German manga scene.

Short Info
print run: about 5,000
publication info: four times a year
size: about 200 pages
format: 145x210mm
price: 6.50 euro
available: comic stores, train station bookstores, and by subscription

Paper Theatre
Schwarzer Turm Verlag
Lindenstrasse 6
36088 Huenfeld
Tel / Fax 066 52 – 724 87
info AT

Dance Class

Dance Class
Butterflies in your stomach, the world in pink and red… first love is unforgettable for everyone. So is the timid hope that the other feels the same way and you won’t be disappointed. Artist Irene Bressel / Engelszorn manages to convert these overwhelming feelings into high-on-life images.

Hello, sister! <3


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