Schwarzer Turm – Paper Theatre 1 – 2/4

October 1, 2006

Paper Theatre is a quarterly anthology published by Schwarzer Turm.  All of the works contained within it are original German stories. These previews are taken from a pdf available for download on Schwarzer Turm’s homepage.

One Eighty

One Eighty
Lars has admired his classmate Andrew for a long time.  They get to know each other better on a class trip to the alps. As if Lars’ shyness weren’t enough of a problem already, the pushy Kathy stands between the two boys… From Simone Xie / Luriel_X.

I’ve always liked class trips.
You can get to know your fellow students better…

And the atmosphere is generally much more easy-going than in school.
Andrew, it’s your turn!


And I already know who I want to get to know better!

Let’s go!

Bratbaer Alexander (…frybear)
“That stupid Bratbaer… I have to roll my eyes whenever I see that guy.  I stare at a wall so I don’t have to look at him…
I H-A-T-E him.”
From Kageko.

Bratbaer Alexander


What’s keeping him?



One Day

One Day
Rena’s world is shattered one day when her boyfriend breaks up with her. A rescue from her misery is closer than she thinks… From Natalie Wormsbecher / Menolly. [author of Summer Rain, from]

One day, Leon broke up with me.

But why?!

Too short…

I’m too short?!
I’m taller than most girls here!

Shut up!
That’s not what I mean!
Then what -do- you mean?!


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