Schwarzer Turm – Paper Theatre v1 – 3/4

October 1, 2006

Paper Theatre is a quarterly anthology published by Schwarzer Turm. All of the works contained within it are original German stories. These previews are taken from a pdf available for download on Schwarzer Turm’s homepage.

Ultima Ratio
He looks stunning and all girls fawn at his feet, but he has eyes only for himself. To preserve his beauty from the workings of time, the young Narcissus takes a desperate step… From Caroline Sander / Shu.

Ultima Ratio
From Caroline Sander

My first great love… then… now… and for all time…

…that’s me!

Stupid Story
Anna Hollmann

Stupid Story
As a new student at school, Yanik wants to start over completely so he won’t be labeled an outsider anymore – unfortunately, his efforts are in vain. On top of everything else, he meets the school heart-throb, Alan… and his life turns into a catastrophe! From Anna Hollmann / Cross.

My first day at this school.
This time I’ll do everything right!
For the first time, I will behave differently, and then I’ll probably make lots of friends…

…never an outsider again…

Hasenherz [a saying that basically means “coward”, but literally means hare heart]

A moving love drama about a pair of bunnies, told without words by artist Judith Lamberger / Jixelqueen! Heart-wrenching!


2 Responses to “Schwarzer Turm – Paper Theatre v1 – 3/4”

  1. mary Says:

    nice blog!


  2. And very well organized too … I still don’t get it why I ended up here while searching for Theater tickets :)

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