Manga-Mixx v1&2

October 5, 2006

An annual anthology released by Animexx e.V. (the largest German anime/manga community), Manga-Mixx is made up of losing entries that were originally submitted to the Connichi doujinshi contest. Two volumes have been released so far, and both cost €4.00.
Both volumes of Manga-Mixx are available at Freibeutershop.

144 pages, 18 in color – right to left

Authors/artists involved: Irina Frisorger, Anna Hollmann, Marika Paul, Michaela Kinzel, Jennifer Michaelis, Joanna Zhou, Thomas Gerhardt, Edo Fuijkschot, Marco Mühlen, Nicole Klementz, Nhung Vu

A preview of volume one is available on Joanna Zhou’s personal website. Translations are as follows.

Imperial College of Science and Technology

One of the most famous universities in England: only the most intelligent and ambitious students manage to get accepted here.

But many- myself included- have wasted their precious teenage years studying, driven by overly ambitious parents. I was too busy stuffing my head full of facts to learn how to interact with people.

It is rare to find anyone here who hasn’t been affected by the academic stress…

I noticed right away how much she stands out from her competition-driven peers.

Dahlia Bents. Sexy, bright, and carefree.

Happy Birthday!!!

Oh my God!! I don’t believe it! You let me open this here?!

I’m finally 21! Yeah!

And smile!!

Nell Gwynn House – In/Out

I ain’t no holla back girl…


What’s this…?

192 pages, over 32 in color – right to left

– “Bad, really bad” by Kim “TheaAL” Liersch and Roda “Kyoko-Taide” Makmod
– “Kiwikiwi” by Julia Beutling
– “Yakusoku” by Margarita Till
– “Princess Cheeky” by Lisa “nacktmull” Schmidt
– “Destiny” by Michaela “yaichi_san” Quedzuweit
– “Decisions” by Stephanie “Zephyrus” Herzog
– “Riteo” by Nurgül “Kishaji” Güler
– “Übermut tut selten gut” by Anne “Kalya” Barth
– “No Tricks” by Elena Till
– “Beans” by Dana “deNada” Köpke
– “Love Accident” by Norma Reichelt
– “Soccer Fever” by Eva “Cleo” Zehle
– “Congrats from Midgar” by Sabine “Kadaj” Heidloff
– “A Totally Normal Day on Animexx” by Julia “Neo-chan” Haag, Sascha “Dornstich” Mörkens, Lisa “li-chan” Rau, Anna “Liona” Rotenberg

Also included are single illustrations by Heidi Reyer, Katrin Günther, Yvonne Schäck, Julia Kutsch and Samantha Schneider, and small comics (4 panel strips) by HAGGI, JoKeR, Slitsch, Don Toraneko, Patrick Hodge, ~vincent-grey and Philippe De Sutter.


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