Schwarzer Turm – Paper Theatre v2 – 2/4

October 9, 2006

A preview of volume two of Paper Theatre, published by Schwarzer Turm.
Images are taken from a pdf available for download on Schwarzer Turm’s homepage.
Two of the stories in this anthology are continuations from volume 1, with the rest being stand-alone stories.

[right to left]


Eternal Promise

Eternal Promise
Jaik is bored on the long train ride to Hamburg, but then he gets company when a young man on his way to Mannheim sits next to him.  They quickly start talking, as Jaik is also connected in a special way to that city… From Cataki / Vicky Danko

Man… these train trips are so annoying…

…and it’s only been twenty minutes…

Excuse me…


All Roads Lead to –>Rome<–

All Roads Lead to Rome
Actually, it’s the first day of fall break, and today, children are supposed to take a vacation.  Four girls from East Berlin, however, are called to help with the harvest, even though they would prefer to be somewhere completely different- where the sun shines and no wall stands… By VenusKaio / Olivia Vieweg

East Berlin, fall 1989…


The first day of fall break…
God… and we have to go help with the harvest!
Oh well, whatever…


Marc frequently gets beaten up by his brother Patrik on the way to school. His mother decides to do something about it, and signs the brothers up for karate.  There, they learn more than just how to fight. By Skorpion / Helen Aerni

So you’ve got the first dan now?
Come on, we have to celebrate.

Sure, why not… especially when I think about the first training.

Back then I would never have thought I’d get this far.
Eight years are a long time.


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