Schwarzer Turm – Paper Theatre v2 – 4/4

October 11, 2006

A preview of volume two of Paper Theatre, published by Schwarzer Turm.
Images are taken from a pdf available for download on Schwarzer Turm’s homepage.
Two of the stories in this anthology are continuations from volume 1, with the rest being stand-alone stories.

[right to left]

The Golem

The Golem
A story about a scary killer who makes a whole town terrified, and about two people who find love throught death… By Felida / Katharina Netolitzky

The golem struck again…
Seventh victim…
The twenty-year-old Johanna Croix…


Natalie Wormsbecher
Chocolate War

Chocolate War
Arisa is new at school, and immediately falls in love with the good-looking class president.  The stupid part is that he already has an admirer- Natsumi. A chocolate war begins, and reaches its climax on Valentine’s Day. By Menolly / Natalie Wormsbecher.

I’m Arisa Seno! Pleased to meet you!

She’s pretty!

In the middle of the school year…
a new girl joined the grade.


Stupid Story
Due to Aki, a fellow student, Yanik finds himself at a party against his will. As if that weren’t enough, Alan is there as well. And so the next banana peel is waiting for Yanik to slip… By Cross / Anna Hollman.

Soon afterwards…

…I look… like a pervert…

Wow! Perfect!! I knew it would work; let’s go!

No, wait! Aki, I… I can’t!
Sure you can! Think about the article!
Nooo, please!!

But we’re already there! Don’t worry, I’m here, and it’s only for tonight!


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