DAISUKI Newsletter 10/06

October 12, 2006

The latest DAISUKI newsletter went out today, with quite the emphasis on the “global manga” published in the next issue, which comes out on Oct 20th.

In Autumn-Mood

Not only do we DAIs diligently collect chestnuts, Judith also let herself be inspired by the golden fall, drawing Ju-Jin and Yoshitaka in the marvelous light of the setting sun!
We’ll forgive any who are just now noticing Judith Park‘s cute story, “Y square PLUS“!
This month, the sequel to Judith’s successful manga “Y square” starts up in DAISUKI, and bursts with charm, hot boys and a new guy, who really messes up the workings of the clique’s everyday life!
Whoever wants to sink into Yoshi’s blue eyes can dive deep with just a click on the cover!

Y square PLUS

Well, do you remember who this reserved blonde is? Exactly! Yagate Sotogawa, 18 years old, beloved by girls and – gay!
More than anything, he wishes for a boyfriend, but that’s not so easy! As shy as Yagate is, he’ll never manage to meet a cute guy! And so Yoshi has to help out- a lot. But no one had better believe he likes guys! After all, Yoshitaka is a macho guy, who likes to whistle at short-skirted girls on the streets at every opportunity. Only the cute Ju-Jin has managed to touch his heart. But who’s that hot guy she’s suddenly getting along with so well?

Frankfurt Bookfair 2006

We thank all of the visitors who came to the Frankfurt Bookfair and stopped by the Carlsen Comics stand last week! The signings of our mangaka were an especially big hit – and Judith couldn’t put down her pen! (pictured)

Nam and Tram On Tour

The sweet drawing duo of “Delilah’s Mystery” are getting their pens ready to tour Germany!
For all who missed them at the Frankfurt Bookfair, here are new signings dates in four big cities! A must for every Mystery-fan!

10/25. Gießen
from 3pm at Karstadt, Seltersweg 64

10/26. Dresden
3-5pm in the Dresdner Comicladen, Bautzner Str. 30

10/27. Magdeburg
3-5pm in the Comic-Kombinat, first floor of the City-Carré, Kantstr. 3

10/28. Leipzig
from 12pm at City Comics, Nürnberger Str. 3


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