Eidalon – Tomoe

October 14, 2006


Eidalon is a smaller publisher with a long history of releasing less mainstream American comics in German (Demo, Megatokyo, etc).  One of their few non-licensed works is Tomoe, a three-volume series by Prin & Umi Konbu– born in Osaka, the pair currently live in Frankfurt, giving manga classes and producing illustrations for fashion magazines.

[all volumes read right to left]
v1- ISBN: 3-936686-91-2
160p, €6.90
v2 – ISBN: 3-936686-92-0
144p, €6.90
v3 – ISBN: 3-936686-93-9
144p, €6.90

Japan in the 12th century: In this time, a female samurai lived. In principle, it was an impossible idea, as only men were allowed to fight. But she really existed. Her name: Tomoe.

Tomoe, by Prin & Umi Konbu, tells the story of this woman.

Tomoe is not allowed to learn the art of fighting, because she’s a girl. Tomoe is very unsatisfied, especially because she considers the talented son of the Genji-clan, Komaoumaru, to be her rival. She continuously challenges him to fight. In Shinano, there is a competition over the art of fighting, and she dresses as her older brother Shiro in order to secretly participate and fight against Komaoumaru…


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