Judith Park chat & interview

October 20, 2006

AnimeY, a German manga/anime news site, reported that Judith Park (author of Y square, Y square PLUS, and Dystopia, published by Carlsen Comics) will be stopping by their chatroom for two hours in January, so bring any questions you may have. More info will come soon!

From the same site comes an interview with the deutsche mangaka. Check out the link for accompanying images.

No infringement intended.

04/12/06 – Judith Park in AnimeY Interview!

Between her autograph sessions at this year’s Leipzig Bookfair, we interviewed Carlsen Comics-artist Judith Park, known for Dystopia, love at last sight and Y square. Unlike in our other interviews, this time we’ll be focusing on Judith herself.

AnimeY: What do you like most about yourself?
JP: Uh… tough question! I think it’d be my determination to improve until I’m as successful as my role models. Of course, a little bit of dreaming is included in that.

AnimeY: What can’t you stand about yourself?
JP: My impatience. If something doesn’t work out the way I imagine it, I get grumpy really fast. Or if I have to wait for something, especially nice things (cons, fairs, vacations, etc)- then I get so hyper that I can hardly concentrate. Wait… would that be categorized as hyperactivity? ;)

AnimeY: What do people say are your faults?
JP: Exactly what I don’t like about myself =D

AnimeY: What gets you motivated?
JP: My ideas! Sometimes I have so many images and pictures in my head that I want to preserve so I won’t forget them. On the other hand, there are also phases where I can’t think of anything. Then it mostly helps for me to take a walk in the forest or by the lake to shut out the drawing stress.

AnimeY: Which of your achievements are you most proud of?
JP: I managed to set up my Dolby-Surround-Sound system all by myself. I never thought I’d be able to do that!

AnimeY: As a child, you wanted to be like…?
JP: Sailor Mars… and Mila Superstar… and Rainbow Brite… and a bird – because I wanted to fly! And none of these came true ;(

AnimeY: How do you relax best?
JP: Taking a bath under the leaves of my bathroom-palmtree – or in the sauna under palm leaves. It’s almost the same ;)

AnimeY: What was your most beautiful impulse buy?
JP: My little white rabbit, named Schatzi. I couldn’t decide until the last minute between a hamster, a bird, a chinchilla, or a bunny. But I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.

AnimeY: What song do you like to sing?
JP: If at all, then I sing when I’m alone in the car, listening to the radio. But as I currently spend most of my time at my drawing desk at home, that doesn’t happen too often. :)

AnimeY: What’s your motto?
JP: I’ll just give you this beautiful quote from Galaxy Quest: “Never give up, never surrender!” You just can’t argue with that. :)

AnimeY: What painter would you spend a lot of money on?
JP: Salvador Dalí! I think he was the greatest artist of all time.

AnimeY: Where would you like to have a second home?
JP: I do dream about a finca in Spain at the Mediteranean Sea, under green olive trees… Or an apartment in my home country, South Korea, in the mountains… Sigh… But a nice old apartment in my favorite city, Cologne, wouldn’t be bad either.

AnimeY: What can you cook especially well?
JP: Actually, I can’t cook at all… Everything I touch goes wrong! But recently I tried to make a couple of Korean national dishes (Kimchi & Gakdugi-Kimchi) for the first time… and it turned out really well! Maybe it’s in my blood, hehe.

AnimeY: What would be your last meal?
JP: Korean food cooked by my mom. Best food in the world! :)

AnimeY: Where do you always get stuck when you channel surf?
JP: King of Queens, TV total, and Genial Daneben. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a tv for the past three months ;( so the newest dvds have to do.

What do you always avoid when surfing?
JP: German tv-dramas and the faked reality shows. And cellphone ringtone ads. Ugh!

AnimeY: Who’s your favorite actor?
JP: I have plenty: Ben Stiller, Jackie Chan, Tom Hanks, Will Smith… etc, etc. All people who managed to stay realistic… and I respect that a lot. :)

AnimeY: In the future, you want to…?
JP: Draw lots and practice and learn until I can afford the mentioned second home! (haha).
I really hope to learn a lot in the future. For example, the animation field… There are so many themes and things that are uncomprehensible and new. And I want to find out about all of that and learn from it.

AnimeY: Thanks for the interview!


Judith Park’s homepage is www.JudithPark.com!
The interview was conducted by Guido Mudersbach for AnimeY.
Copyright © 2006 AnimeY, Carlsen Comics and JudithPark.com


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  1. selena raistling Says:

    although Im not German talking I everyday visit that site. I think it is different from other anime / manga online magazines … its very active and very exciting and Im still waiting for an english version of AnimeY :P

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