Schwarzer Turm – call for submissions

October 22, 2006

Schwarzer Turm, publisher of Es War Keinmal and the ongoing anthology Paper Theatre, have announced a call for submissions for their new anthology project, Hungry Hearts.

Hungry Hearts will be an erotica anthology for readers over 16- those interested should note that that means nothing too hardcore. The anthology will be in the style of Es War Keinmal– a single volume collection of themed short manga stories. Stories can be about male/female, male/male, or female/female. The page-count should be 6-30, with a left to right reading direction. Payment will be existant, but very minimal (as this is an anthology…).

The deadline is January 1st –no extensions!–, with the finished volume being published in March.

To be considered, send a website with samples of your art to the email listed in the announcement. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be granted access to the private forum, where you post your story idea for further approval. You’re expected to visit the forum daily, and post often with examples of your progress.

Splash Comics released a podcast with a list of artists already signed up. They’ve also mentioned that the cover will be drawn by nekoli, an artist who has been published in Paper Theatre.

For anyone wondering who’s eligible to submit… we’re not really sure, as none of our emails have been answered! it seems like it’s no problem for non-Germans to submit.


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