Chat with Mary Hildebrandt & David Boller (Evergrey)

October 25, 2006

Splashcomics reports the following:
On November 1st, David and Mary will answer fans’ questions.

This October, Tokyopop published the manga Evergrey– while the creators live in the US, the work was published in Germany first, with plans to have it later published in America. David Boller is Swiss, but lives in the US, so the work can’t get much more international.

To celebrate the release of the manga, Splashcomics will be hosting a chat with David Boller and Mary Hildebrandt, who will both answer questions from their fans. The chat will take place on 11/1/2006 at 7 pm (Central European Time). There are two ways to access the chat- either through the ComicIRC website (you have to have Java installed): or by using a normal IRC-client. Connect to, port 6668, and select the channel #splashcomics

The chat will be moderated, so you send your question to the moderator in a private chat, and they will then approve or decline the question. If approved, you can then ask the question openly, and David will reply.

One Response to “Chat with Mary Hildebrandt & David Boller (Evergrey)”

  1. David Boller Says:

    Elea: Thanks for posting this. We’re excited to chat with all the German manga fans. Just to make sure, the chat wil be held in German, so any questions to Mary will be translated back into German. There was some confusion on the Tpop forum about that…

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