Evergrey v1 trailer & news

October 26, 2006

Lime Manga, the studio behind Tokyopop.de‘s new series Evergrey, mentioned that volume one has gone to the printers and is expected to be shipped across Germany, Austria & Switzerland by next week.

To help promote, the studio created a small flash trailer for the series.  It can be seen randomly on Tokyopop.de , or by visiting the link provided in their most recent post.

Here’s a translation, for those interested:
In a world shaken by war…
…a forbidden love between…
…a vampire and a witch…
From it grows a child with the power…
…to change the future forever!

EVERGREY – Coming in November from Tokyopop

In their production journal, the creators have mentioned a few other things that might be of interest.  It seems that due to a “clerical” error, the book has ended up with over 200 pages.

“There will also be 4 full color illustrations in the front of the book and three full color “making of the cover” section in the back.”

They’ve also got a report of the global manga happenings at MangaNext, for anyone interested.

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