October Newsletter

October 27, 2006’s October newsletter was sent out today, with quite a bit of info that may be of interest to the global manga community- even those in the American scene!

Anike Hage live in EinsLive-Talk
Anike Hage will soon appear on live radio.  Under the title “Puppy-dog Eyes – Comics made in Wolfenbüttel”, the mangaka will talk about her work on Gothic Sports on the program Lauschangriff.  The chat will be on November 15th at 11pm (Central European Time) on EinsLive.
She may even reveal a few teasers about the upcoming second volume.  You really shouldn’t miss it…

Action-Day at Thalia in Braunschweig

On November 17th, the Thalia (a bookstore chain) in Braunschweig will celebrate its one year anniversary with several colorful events.  TOKYOPOP will join in the celebration, and helps organize the program:
Whether it’s autograph sessions with Anike Hage, portfolio reviews with our editors, readings from our light novels, or just the opportunity to have a long chat with the TOKYOPOP team – you are cordially invited.
One of the high points of the day will be the awards ceremony for the winners of the manga drawing contest Thalia held.  The panel of judges includes Anike Hage.

has huge success in the USA – In the End does the same in Germany

The recently published second volume of Dramacon managed to get storm the sales charts in the USA, getting fourth on the book charts.
With that, the story about Christie and Derek and all their adventures at their first con is the most successful debut of a TOKYOPOP US global manga since Princess Ai.
TOKYOPOP Germany, of course, is happy as well.  But at the same time, we’re celebrating the suprise success of In the End.  This single volume from the artist duo Pink Psycho managed to get into the top ten two weeks ago.  With that, it joins Gothic Sports as one of our most successful global manga.

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