Stern TV article: Judith Park

October 30, 2006

The following is the translation of an article from Stern TV. Judith Park was a guest on the program in 2005. Click for accompanying images and samples of her work.
No infringement is intended.

07/12/2005 – Manga-Boom: Asian Heroes Conquer Germany

Manga-mania in Germany: The Japanese comic stories are becoming more popular in Germany. A guest on stern TV: Judith Park, one of the most successful German manga-artists.

The 21 year old Judith Park drew her first cartoons at the age of seven. She decided to work in the Japanese manga style about eight years ago; back then, the series Sailor Moon was on German tv.

The series was the breakthrough of asian comic strips in Germany. While Carlsen gained about 400,000 Euro with manga in 1995, their gain in 2000 was 4 million. Today, the entire manga business makes about 50 million Euro in Germany. There’s no end in sight for the manga-mania.

Manga grew to be a passion for Judith Park as well. Three years ago, she submitted her works to a contest that Carlsen Comics held – she impressed them in every way. Park invested her prize money into more professional tools, and soon afterwards signed her first contract with the Carlsen publishing house.

This was the start of a rapidly-growing career: By now, Park is the most successful mangaka the publisher has, and some of her books sell better than Japanese series. At the Leipzig Bookfair, she won the people’s choice award. Y Square, Park’s second book, has a print run of 13,000.

However: What counts as a remarkable success in Germany would probably fail to be taken seriously in the homeland of manga. Over there, the most successful series reach print runs of several millions. But after all, Judith Park just started drawing manga professionally.

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