MangaMagie 2006 Winners

October 31, 2006

The winners of MangaMagie have been announced! For art by the winner and a list of runners up, check out the link.

Female Student from Bonn is the best manga artist of 2006:
Anna Ulbricht wins MangaMagie with On My Way.

Cologne’s mayor, Elfi Scho-Antwerpes, crowned the winners of the 5th Annual MangaMagie in the historical town hall of the cathedral town. 928 participants from all over Germany took part in the contest.

Anna Ulbricht – born in Schwerin in 1987 – is the best manga artist of 2006; with her eight page manga On My Way, she got first place, winning €1,000. On My Way is about overcoming the disappointments of love. “The story gets its poetic nature from tackling reality”, say the judges, praising “the very high drawing level”, which “was done without cross-hatching or toning”. Anna currently studies in Bonn.

Second place went to Natalia Zaitseva from Leopoldshafen, near Karlsruhe – born in St. Petersburg (Russia) in 1987 – with her manga Home Sweet Home, which won her €500. Third place (a manga-set worth €250) went to Ramona Loebke from Greven, with Was sich Neckt…

The winning manga were shown at the award ceremony in a small exhibition, which will tour the train station bookstores of Germany after this (dates can be found at

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