Contest Results & Call for Submissions

November 2, 2006

The German yaoi global manga publisher The Wild Side has posted the results of a manga-drawing contest they held with Raptor Publishing.  The site is bilingual, so feel free to check it out if you’re interested!

1st Place – Natalie Zaitseva’s story Save a Maid
2nd Place – Martina Peters’ story A.S.A.P.
3rd Place – Annett Drusba’s story Devil’s Thrill… Angel’s Love
Judge’s Choice – Zane Dobele’s story A Sky for Us to See & Sandy Wiswedel’s story Hot Kiss

Also new to their page are submission guidelines– in both English and German.  They seem to be looking for full-volume BL stories with plenty of action, as they say their preferred rating is R-NC17.

Yaoi Press reports that the two publishing houses spent time together at the recent Yaoicon- and they also mention that they’re currently working out some licensing deals.

It was fun to spend time with the German publisher of Wild Side during and after the convention. We expect to have announcements of which Yaoi Press titles they will publish in German very shortly.

The Wild Side is no stranger to licensing global BL.  They currently hold the licenses to two stories by the Italian duo Dany & Dany: Wishing for the Moon and E I K O N.  They currently have yet to publish any original German works – both of their other books are doujinshi – but hopefully that will soon change with the new submission guidelines.


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