200g Hack – New ST Anthology

November 7, 2006

Schwarzer Turm’s latest anthology will be coming out in December (15th, according to amazon.de).  Called 200g Hack (200 grams of minced meat), the theme of this “Turm Manga Spezial” is horror.  This is the second of Schwarzer Turm’s themed anthologies- their first was a “remixed fairytale” anthology titled Es War Keinmal (“never upon a time”).

200g Hack will be published in western reading direction (as opposed to ST’s ongoing anthology Paper Theatre), and will have 208 pages.  Cover price is €6.50, and the ISBN is 3-934167-32-2. 200g Hack is edited by Annelie Kretzschmar.

Contributors to the anthology are:
Melanie Fey
Gina Wetzel (author of EMA’s Orcus Star)
Sitha Reis
Heike Rossman
Katharina Niko
Verena Borawski
Harald Kuhn
Jean Beißel
René Scheibe
Han Le
Denis Mahring
Alice Litwin

For reading samples, click the “leseprobe” links… followed by the new URL listed… followed by “Kapitel 1″… You’ll figure it out!


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