Es war keinmal – preview 2/5

November 9, 2006

A preview of Es war keinmal, a remixed fairytale-themed anthology published by Schwarzer Turm.
Images are taken from a pdf available for download on Schwarzer Turm’s homepage.
[left to right]

The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper
by VenusKaio / Olivia Vieweg
A man had thirteen children, but they were bitterly poor, and so the father decided to give away the child he loved the least. He took the little girl by the hand and walked with her into the street…

So Death learned to live with the girl…
…and the girl with Death.

Please wait for me in the field over there, child.

*chirp chirp*


Now let us go home.
*caw caw*

The Frog Prince
Lisa Rau

The Frog Prince
by li-chan / Lisa Rau
A young woman who loses her keys has them returned to her in miraculous ways by a strange creature. That night, she gets an unexpected visitor…
Lisa at Animexx

Newspaper: Never upon a time? Scientists researched the DNA of frogs and found surprising results. They succeeded in extracting specific genes in such a way that they can be transferred into other creatures…
The discovery could have great advantages for humanity in the future. However, it is still too dangerous to use the substance on humans.

Look, they wrote something about my research!

Oh, great… like such a crappy paper were important at all.

You’ve been researching for years, but you have yet to become rich or famous.

Well, I’m not researching to become famous.
And besides, our life isn’t so bad.

Sometimes I really ask myself why I couldn’t have picked a rich, attractive man.

Mischa and the Odderbanjen

Mischa and the Odderbanjen
by Sigungkisis / Mischa Bernauer
Never upon a time, in a little village, far away from all the big cities, there lived Mischa, a happy boy who one day meets the Odderbanjen, who take him for a journey…

Who said that?
No time for that, luv!

I can’t see anyone!
But someone has to be there!

First we have to find the lake with the island, then we’ll take a break.


Hey, Rier, there’s a guy sitting up in the tree!
Then welcome him and introduce yourself!


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