Es war keinmal – preview 3/5

November 10, 2006

NOTE: Past two entries have been updated, and the thumbnails now link to the larger preview pages. Sorry about that.

A preview of Es war keinmal, a remixed fairytale-themed anthology published by Schwarzer Turm.
Images are taken from a pdf available for download on Schwarzer Turm’s homepage.
[left to right]

Aoki Nezumi

by Aoki_nezumi / Melanie Schober
Hans and Grete live a quiet life until Grete starts acting more and more disturbed in unexplainable ways. She mumbles constantly about a witch and Hans is close to despair.
Melanie on Animexx

Never upon a time… in late summer 2006, in a psychiatric ward, somewhere in Tirol, Austria…

Thanks for coming, Hans.

No problem!
It’s the least I could do!

It’s so boring here…
If I were you, I’d die after two weeks!
Ha ha!

You think?

Yet Another Fairytale
by Leaf_van_Genova / Katja Klengel
The story begins in a small town on a cool November day. The whole neighborhood peacefully slumbers- all but four teenagers, who are robbed of their sleep at this late hour. The reason for the sleepless night is Medea, who thinks she saw a dark figure…
Katja on Animexx

So these are the dark woods!
In the vacation brochure, it looked a little different!
Yeah, it doesn’t look very inviting!

We’ve been going for four hours. My armor is rubbing my skin raw!

Look, comrades- a well! We’re saved!

I’m sorry, you shan’t have any of my water!
A toad?!
Toad? I beg your pardon! I am General Grenouille! (French for “frog”) I was at the battle of Pond-aloo…

The Violinist of Echternach
Story & Art by Diane Ernzen

The Violinist of Echternach
by Yamatoking / Diane Ernzen
Everything began with the king’s daughter, Yurina, who wanted to go to the forest and gather healing herbs that would supposedly help her grandfather, King Edgar of Arvidson. What adventures will she have along the way?

The news that the violinist and the piper were to be executed spread like wildfire throughout Echternach. It didn’t take long for a lot of onlookers to gather at the old market.
When he stood on the gallows, he asked to be allowed to play his violin one last time. This wish was granted to him as a last grace…


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