Es war keinmal – preview 4/5

November 11, 2006


A preview of Es war keinmal, a remixed fairytale-themed anthology published by Schwarzer Turm.
Images are taken from a pdf available for download on Schwarzer Turm’s homepage.
[left to right]

The Witch Baba Yaga

The Witch Baba Yaga
by nine_tails / Ioana Haiduc
Grisha and Boris want to kill their little brother to prevent little Ivan from inheriting the whole kingdom. The two are thirsty for revenge, and yet they soon realize they need professional help: the witch Baba Yaga!
Ioana on Animexx

Did the little girl run away?
She’s just playing hide and seek! I’ll just bring Mrs. Serejev her potatoes and then I’ll find her!

Tell me, why do you speak so casually to Ivan? He is the tsar, after all!
Eh, Ivan is a nice guy! He doesn’t care. Yesterday he repaired my roof. That boy’s always helpful!

Yeah, seriously!! The leaders are supposed to serve the people!


The Glass Heart
by Lolita / Daniela Uhlig
Never upon a time, there was a princess with a heart of glass, one she never wanted to give to anyone out of fear that it might break.  One day, she met a prince who also had a heart of glass, and they fell in love…

Never upon a time, there was a princess with a heart of glass. She was beautiful to behold, and lived in a splendid room in a castle with four towers.


The Carnation

The Carnation
by Mr_Booman / Klaudia Penkwit
In a kingdom far, far away, there lived a queen whose greatest desire was to bear a child.  She prayed to God every day, and he soon fulfilled her wish and granted her a son.  But he also gave something to him- a gift that led the kingdom to ruin.

Never upon a time, a long, long time ago, there lived a queen whose greatest desire was to bear a child.
She prayed day after day, and one day God granted her wish.
As a present, God gave the child a special gift…
the gift to fulfill wishes.
But the sly cook learned of this gift, and stole the child.

Enraged over the loss of the child and ignorant about the kidnapping, the king had his wife locked in a tower.
She had to remain there without water and without bread.
But even in this time of need, God always watched over her.


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