Es war keinmal – preview 5/5

November 12, 2006

A preview of Es war keinmal, a remixed fairytale-themed anthology published by Schwarzer Turm.
Images are taken from a pdf available for download on Schwarzer Turm’s homepage.
[left to right]

A Fairytale-Story

A Fairytale-Story
by Sirius / Franziska Pickardt
The story of the goblin, the Kevin, Mother Hulda, and the truth about the fairytales of this world…
Franziska on Animexx

Never upon a time… (but it could have happened this way)
Once a little goblin peacefully lived in a forest…
…where his favorite thing was to sleep all day.
Luckily, it was very quiet there.


And if they didn’t die…

Short stories to laugh about
by Drowdragon / Muromi Fruehling
All kinds of news about well-known fairytale

Muromi on Animexx

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Just to be honest, I’m not so sure about this

…I preferred working in the mines…

Puss in Boots
Dear husband, don’t you think this is a little

I can hardly breathe…


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