Carlsen Comics newsletter

November 16, 2006

The December volume of Daisuki comes out on the 17th, with some info on Judith Park and a contest winning short story.

Gaming with Judith

Judith Park is not only manga star, but also one with cardgames! Especially the game “Hanfuda”, or “Hwa-Tu”, as it’s called in Judith’s native Korea. It has given the sweet mangaka a couple of sleepless nights already, because the game with the beautiful cards is addictive.
In a “Close Up Special”, Judith explains the rules of the card game and shows her stubborn side… ^_^
There’s also a new chapter of her ongoing story Y-Square Plus.


The Winner Is Announced!
After we published the best ten short stories of our writing contest in the July and August issues of Daisuki, you voted for your favorite, and gave them a special present: The winning story has been drawn as a short manga by Zofia Garden! Let yourselves be put into a romantic mood by this super-cute manga, and read everything about the final results of the contest!

Carlsen Comics sent out their Manga Newsletter, and here’s the news:

The new Manga Preview is coming out- a free collection of samples from many of Carlsen’s manga. Also included are sneak peeks at some of their global manga. It’ll be available everywhere on November 17th- it should also be up for download soon, so we’ll let you know when it appears online.

They also report plans for releases of new “home-grown manga” next summer, so “stay tuned…”

Also: Chat With Judith Park

AnimeY reports that on January 8th, they’ll be holding a chat with Judith Park (author of Dystopia, YSquare, and YSquare Plus) and the head of Daisuki, Anne Berling. The chat will take place from 6-8pm (Central European Time).


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