New Series from Carlsen & EMA

November 18, 2006

SplashComics notes that EMA has released the titles of two new series that should be coming out next summer.

Gott Gauss, by Viviane, a Swiss artist. The series apparently used to be posted as an online comic at SplashComics, so stop by if you’re interested in some sample images.

Musouka, by Diana Liesaus. The 19 year old from Dresden recently won the Connichi doujinshi contest, and had her short BL story Puppet 175 published in the Shinkan Special 2005. The story was later republished in Lime Law v1, by Fireangels Verlag. She’s on both Animexx & Y-Gallery.

In similar news, AnimeY reports that Carlsen Comics‘ new Manga Preview has a sample from a new pair of mangaka, more of whose work we’ll see in spring of next year. Franziska Leviathan and Tina Lindhorst had a short story in Manga Preview, titled The Same Pleasure as Every Year.

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