Carlsen spring 06 manga preview 1/2

November 21, 2006

The following few pages are from the manga preview Carlsen Comics released earlier this year. The full preview is available for .pdf download here.

Weatherproof Subscription

The DAISUKI-Subscription is awesome times three: Not only do you always get DAISUKI two days before it’s released, you also get an awesome discount and a super stylish windbreaker as a reward! Nina Werner pulled a great illustration for this weatherproof jacket out of her creative little head. Now you can turn heads wherever you go!




Best of Daisuki – Made in Germany

Judith Park –
Judith Park was discovered by Carlsen Comics at the 2002 Cologne contest, “Manga-Magie”, and was instantly contracted to draw for DAISUKI. The artist, of Korean heritage, has developed an unmistakable, beautiful drawing style, and conquered the hearts of manga fans. By now, Judith Park is counted as the most successful German mangaka, and has even had a few television appearances.

Judith is currently working on her new project, which will appear monthly in DAISUKI, starting this autumn. Read it!

Y-Square – single volume! only 6 euros!
Yoshitaka Kogirei looks good, but is a total loser when it comes to women. His new classmate, Yagate, however, has incredible success with the ladies. Yoshitaka tries everything to find the secret of his success, aided a little by Yagate. Of course, this isn’t entirely selfless…

Dystopia – single volume! only 6 euros!
The siblings Dionne and Lyon are one heart and one soul. Unfortunately, Lyon is very sick, and too busy worrying about their son, the parents end up neglecting their daughter. Dionne seeks comfort in her friend Shikku, but she too seems to suddenly care more about Lyon…

Nina Werner
In 2003, Nina Werner managed to get second place in the “Manga Talents” contest with her short manga Perfection. DAISUKI discovered the young artist, and published the six chapters of her suspenseful story, Jibun-Jishin. By now, her manga has been published in a collected paperback volume, with an extra color section and bonus pages. The stylish characters and cute chibis will take everyone’s breath away!
“Jibun-Jishin” means “I myself”.

Jibun-Jishin – single volume! only 6 euros!
The 17 year old Chiyo Kita has been abroad for three years, and is now returning to Japan. On the first day of class, she realizes that quite a few things have changed at her old school. Unfortunately, these changes weren’t for the better. So she and her clique protect Sorai, who is being attacked by the egotistical Sawako. But Sorai also behaves very strangely…

Delilah’s Mystery

The 16 year old Delilah is pretty damn cute. Of course, this doesn’t go unnoticed by her fellow students, who are quick to closely examine the “new girl”. No matter what she does or where she goes, all eyes are on her. Highschool heart-throb Josh can’t take his eyes off Delilah. But she turns this king of pick-up lines down again and again – after all, she has better things to do than to get involved with a misogynistic jerk like him. When Josh and Delilah do get to know each other a little closer nevertheless, he doesn’t fit the impression she first got of him at all. Delilah learns for the first time what it means to have butterflies in one’s stomach!

But will Josh really prove to be a good enough friend for Delilah to trust him with her secret? Since her childhood, her mysterious past has haunted Delilah. And as if that weren’t enough, she unintentionally turns school beauty Jessica, who has been trying to make Josh her boyfriend for ages, into her enemy. When Jess learns that Josh is interested in the “boring blonde” Delilah, she can no longer keep her jealousy in check. And thus she reverts to mean measures, the grave consequences of which not even a witch like Jessica could have wished for…

Single volume!
Published in october for only Euro 6!

Delilah McLean
Age: 16
Height: 172 cm
Hair color: dark blonde
Eye color: blue green
Bloodtype: unknown
Delilah is vey self-confident, beautiful, and intelligent in addition! She won’t have anyone mess with her and knows how to fight back. But hardly anyone knows Delilah’s dark side: Her life has been shaped by an eerie secret that no one is allowed to find out about…

Joshua Kent (Josh)
Josh is a picture book macho guy! But even though the laid back guy acts extremely arrogant, all the girls love him! When Josh meets the cute Delilah, he learns what love feels like for the first time…
Age: 18
Height: 180 cm
Hair color: black
Eye color: dark blue
Bloodtype: B
Hobbies: Girls, sports, chilling.

Jessica Michelle Hiller
Age: 16
Height: 167cm
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: light blue
Bloodtype: B
Hobbies: Shopping, parties, dancing.
As captain of the cheerleading team, Jess is the most sought-after chick in the whole high school, and all the guys lie at her feet. Just Josh seems to be too cool to fall for her tricks, which of course makes him Jessica’s main object of desire. The world has to revolve around her, and if it doesn’t, cute Jessica bares her claws…


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  1. […] At Deutsche Mangaka, Elae translates some manga preview pages from Carlsen Comics. I really appreciate Elae’s work, as it makes a big segment of the global manga world more accessible to those of us who don’t speak German. […]

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