EMA – Shinkan 12 – 1/2

November 29, 2006

EMA recently released Shinkan 12, which covers their fall/winter of 2006/2007 line-up.


Shopping-crazed mafia-daughter…
…on the run! Epice’s money worries are history, but now she has a lot of other worries. While she’s chased by the robbed-thief, the highly-motivated police, and her “mafioso” brother, she still finds enough time to provide entertainment for her best friend- by kidnapping her favorite popstar! Fortunately, he isn’t too opposed to a little kidnapping. Being a popstar is normally so boring…
Killer babes, cute guys, and absurd ideas – and the first volume comes with a free INDEPENDENT-STABILO-highlighter! The hellish DuO strikes again!

Author: DuO
3 volumes, ongoing


From wallflower to supermodel
Catwalk tells the story of the shy student Blanche, who’s loaded with complexes, and who takes the once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a supermodel.
In the second and final volume of the short series, Blanche experiences the dark sides of the fashion world and the balance between school and life on the catwalk becomes more and more troubled. Her pushy colleague Kei doesn’t make life any easier either. Will Blanche be broken by the stress of the hard model business?

Catwalk is the first manga series by the 20 year old artist Alexandra Voelker from Hamm, who won second place at the Connichi 2004 doujinshi contest.

2 volumes, finished
Author: Alexandra Voelker

Without Identity

“If you look into an abyss long enough…
…the abyss also looks into you.” – F. Nietzsche

Sascha Schaetzchen, a German exceptional-mangaka with a fondness for skimpily-clad, full-breasted heroines, sends his protagonist onto a Tour de Force through the abysses of human flaws.
What is really behind the pretty facades of Dandelion, Naomi, Autumn, and Celestine?
Is it divine intervention that led them together, or a more devilish plan that will climax in the destruction of mankind?

Sascha Schaetzchen’s refined graphics were improved even more for the second volume of the series, and the language of the images can stand equally with his Japanese rolemodels. The story is superficially built on eroticism, action, and gore, but in its completeness it develops a deep level of understanding of the human condition.

A must for all fans of complex manga!

Author: Sascha Schaetzchen
3 volumes – ongoing

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