Nov. Newsletter

December 3, 2006

Tokyopop sent out their November newsletter, and there’s info on Triple Witching Hour, Gothic Sports v2, and Yaru, the new series from the creators of Evergrey. For a more extensive summary of Yaru, check out Lime Manga‘s description. The studio is based in America, despite their works being published in Germany, and so anyone interested in what they’re working on can check out their update-blog without needing a translator! ;3 Be sure to take a look for a larger version of the Yaru cover.

PummelDex mentions that Tokyopop will be advertising their global manga works in Schwarzer Turm‘s Paper Theatre. Volume 4 of the anthology will have a preview of Grimm’s Manga, a single-volume work by Kei Ishiyama that’s being released by Tokyopop in April. Paper Theatre 5 will probably have an excerpt from Nathalie Wormsbecher’s Summer Rain, also a single-volume work, which will be released in spring by Tokyopop.

Evergrey, by Mary Hildebrandt and David Boller, managed a strong start over the last few weeks, and Studio Lime’s work placed in the top 50 right away.

We’re all the happier to announce a new project by Studio Lime, that will be done alongside the continuation of Evergrey.

The name of the new project is Yaru, and it’s being drawn by Mary Hildebrandt [the writer behind Evergrey]. It’s about Rae, a skater-girl, who falls in love with Eric [the English summary says Billy…], a popular high school football player. The only problem is that all the girls love Eric, and he’s currently dating the hottest cheerleader in school!
One day, Rae, who’s more of an outsider, stumbles across the cursed Ouija board, and with it, three unhappy souls. The klutzy Rae falls into the real chaos that soon begins… Is there still time for Eric?

This comedy is planned for three volumes, and the first volume will be released in May.

Olga Rogalski provides a dark and delightful game of confusion in her debut manga, Triple Witching Hour. The twins Demien and Yunna have been connected since early childhood by more than mere family-ties. When Demien dies in a motorcycle accident, Yunna’s life spirals out of control. To her, it is as if she has lost her other half. Then the unbelievable happens: When Yunna gets home one day, Demien suddenly stands in front of her…

Is Yunna hallucinating in her grief, or is there something else behind Demien’s appearance? See for yourself in Triple Witching Hour – the first chapter is available on the Manga Player.

Triple Witching Hour will be released this month.

There is lots of new stuff to read on the Manga Player. You can find the first chapter of the second volume of Gothic Sports [images from the first volume are currently showing up, though], which will be released in January. The first chapter of Triple Witching Hour can be read online, as well as the second chapter of Evergrey.


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  1. […] Deutsche Mangaka has the latest news from Tokyopop’s German newsletter and links to a links to and translates a preview of Evergrey, an upcoming Tokyopop title from Lime Studios. I picked up a couple of Lime’s doujinshi at MangaNEXT and was really impressed with their work. […]

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