Schwarzer Turm Anthologies Update

December 24, 2006

Fans of Anike Hage & followers of the various anthologies put out by Schwarzer Turm should be sure to check out – the cover of what appears to be a first volume is now fully visible. More info will be available in January.

Schwarzer Turm also has some news on the latest releases. The cover of Paper Theatre 4 was done by Elyon Sommer, and the anthology contains a new chapter of Magic Mütze, and conclusions to Related, Kuro’s Destiny, and Wunjo, as well as the debuts of Asja Wiegand, Marika Paul, and Nurgül Güler. The volume also contains a special preview: a complete fairytale from Grimms Manga, a one volume work by Kei Ishiyama that’s coming out soon from Tokyopop.
The second volume of Schwarzer Turm’s “Manga Special” line, 200g Hack, is also out. 200g Hack, like Es war keinmal, is a themed anthology– but rather than being takes on fairytales, 200g Hack explores the horror genre. Unlike Paper Theatre, 200g Hack is in western reading direction.


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