First and foremost- Gothic Sports has been licensed for release in the US! The first volume will be coming out from Tokyopop on May 8, so be sure to grab it and check it out… the ISBN is 1-59816-992-0. Anike Hage’s ongoing series is one of the most popular German “manga” works, and we can vouch for how successfully written and drawn it is. We’ll put up a more indepth review somepoint in the future, before its stateside release. Be sure to pick it up!

In other licensing news, Judith Park recently posted a photo of her collection of foreign editions of her work. You can see it in her blog here. Pictured are Greek, Italian, and French covers, with the top right image being a cover she did for UniSPIEGEL, a college-student oriented magazine. The Korean cover of Y Square is still being worked on, so she can’t show it yet.

Kappa Maki site up

January 27, 2007

The site for Schwarzer Turm’s new doujinshi anthology is now up at  Kappa Maki will be available only through Schwarzer Turm’s online store, or at conventions, with volume 1 coming out in March for the Leipzig Bookfair. Each volume is published in a limited edition of 500. Volume two is planned for September, in time for Connichi.

Volume one has 176 pages, and costs €6.50.  There is no ISBN, due to its distribution methods. Preview images and summaries are available on the site.  The cover is by Anike Hage, and v1 contains short stories by the following artists:
Melanie Schober
Natalia Zaitseva
Lisa Rau & Carola Schmitz
Anna Rotenberg
Han Le
Nam & Tram Nguyen
Stella Brandner
Petra Borger
Helen Aerni
Janika Kefel & Alexandra Pietsch
Mario Wenzel

BL Update

January 21, 2007

US Publisher YaoiPress mentioned in a recent blog post that there had been plans for a licensed-from-Germany work to be released stateside this November, but that the publishers fell through, and any releases will have to be delayed.

Meanwhile, German BL publisher The Wild Side is looking into branching out and becoming a general publisher, with an emphasis on more mature subjects. They’re currently welcoming new submissions.

The Wild Side has decided to do some branching out. Aside from Yaoi and Shounen Ai we also want to publish mangas with other adult oriented themes like Shounen, Horror, Thriller, Action and so on. The stories should be mature and well thought out, sex is optional.

BL News

January 9, 2007

The Wild Side has given their website a new look- and there’s also news about a new manga that should be coming out this July, according to the publisher’s Y-Gallery. A preview cover of Lost and Found can be seen here, and the first chapter (and part of the second) are also available in her gallery. The artist, Mikiko Ponczeck, has had two doujinshi published by The Wild Side before.  Though the manga hasn’t even been released yet, Yaoi Press is reportedly interested in licensing it for release in English.

The licensing goes both ways, however. According to this lj post by the head of Yaoi Press,

TWO German publishers are negotiating licenses to Yaoi Press books. One is negotiating to publish Saihoshi 1&2 in a single volume, ….  the same is optioning the Treasure series, …. [while] the other is asking to negotiate the rights on a lot of odds and ends which look like will end up as 3 volumes worth of material.

Various Artist Updates

January 8, 2007

Rather than report on anything from the publishers, here are a few interesting posts by the artists of the German “global manga” scene themselves.

Marie Sann (artist of Sketchbook Berlin, from Tokyopop) recently posted a photo of herself- various pinups from her manga are visible in the background.

Irina Frisorger, aka Rin, also has a blog- and being a contributor to Manga Fieber 3 (from Tokyopop), she posted about the newsletter announcement that went out- unlike our post, however, hers has the self portrait she did for the release! Rin has also had an ongoing story in the Paper Theatre anthologies (v2-4), called Wunjo.  She has posted a wallpaper and page sample, which can be seen here. Wunjo is visually one of the stronger pieces in Paper Theatre, and while it’s currently on hiatus, it will be interesting to see where she takes it in the future.

Anike Hage’s homepage recently went back online, so any fans of Gothic Sports should be sure to check it out. She’s one of Tokyopop’s stars, to be sure.

Don’t forget that Judith Park and the head of Daisuki will be taking part in an online chat run by AnimeY tomorrow between 6 and 8pm (CET).

The names of those who will be in the third volume of Tokyopop’s original short story collection have been released. The artists listed have been in a variety of publications- Paper Theatre (v1-4) and The New Masters of Fantasy 2005. Contests they’ve won include Manga Stars 2005, Manga Magie IV, and Mangatalente.  The next newsletter should have more info on the stories themselves.

We made you wait a long time, and neither questions nor bribes could break our silence. But now is the time- we’re announcing the participants of the third Manga Fieber volume.  Here, finally, is the list of the most talented artists the German speaking area currently has to offer:

Kou Aikawa – homepageanimexx
Jelka & Rieke Blendermann – animexx & animexx
Casey – animexx
Claudia Flor – homepagedeviantart
Irina Frisorger (Rin, Rinpix) – homepage
Janine Görss – animexx
Simone Xie – homepage

American publisher Yaoi Press recently talked about sales, backlist titles, and licensing in their blog.

 The German rights for ‘The Aluria Chronicles’ are currently being negotiated. The German publisher has sought the rights to do a volume 2 of this series. To my amazement the artist for volume 1 wants to draw volume 2 for them. I will publish volume 2 if it actually gets created (working out whatever agreement I need to with the German publisher) because it’s going to push sales of volume 1.