Tokyopop – Manga Fieber 3

January 6, 2007

The names of those who will be in the third volume of Tokyopop’s original short story collection have been released. The artists listed have been in a variety of publications- Paper Theatre (v1-4) and The New Masters of Fantasy 2005. Contests they’ve won include Manga Stars 2005, Manga Magie IV, and Mangatalente.  The next newsletter should have more info on the stories themselves.

We made you wait a long time, and neither questions nor bribes could break our silence. But now is the time- we’re announcing the participants of the third Manga Fieber volume.  Here, finally, is the list of the most talented artists the German speaking area currently has to offer:

Kou Aikawa – homepageanimexx
Jelka & Rieke Blendermann – animexx & animexx
Casey – animexx
Claudia Flor – homepagedeviantart
Irina Frisorger (Rin, Rinpix) – homepage
Janine Görss – animexx
Simone Xie – homepage


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