Various Artist Updates

January 8, 2007

Rather than report on anything from the publishers, here are a few interesting posts by the artists of the German “global manga” scene themselves.

Marie Sann (artist of Sketchbook Berlin, from Tokyopop) recently posted a photo of herself- various pinups from her manga are visible in the background.

Irina Frisorger, aka Rin, also has a blog- and being a contributor to Manga Fieber 3 (from Tokyopop), she posted about the newsletter announcement that went out- unlike our post, however, hers has the self portrait she did for the release! Rin has also had an ongoing story in the Paper Theatre anthologies (v2-4), called Wunjo.  She has posted a wallpaper and page sample, which can be seen here. Wunjo is visually one of the stronger pieces in Paper Theatre, and while it’s currently on hiatus, it will be interesting to see where she takes it in the future.

Anike Hage’s homepage recently went back online, so any fans of Gothic Sports should be sure to check it out. She’s one of Tokyopop’s stars, to be sure.

Don’t forget that Judith Park and the head of Daisuki will be taking part in an online chat run by AnimeY tomorrow between 6 and 8pm (CET).


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