BL News

January 9, 2007

The Wild Side has given their website a new look- and there’s also news about a new manga that should be coming out this July, according to the publisher’s Y-Gallery. A preview cover of Lost and Found can be seen here, and the first chapter (and part of the second) are also available in her gallery. The artist, Mikiko Ponczeck, has had two doujinshi published by The Wild Side before.  Though the manga hasn’t even been released yet, Yaoi Press is reportedly interested in licensing it for release in English.

The licensing goes both ways, however. According to this lj post by the head of Yaoi Press,

TWO German publishers are negotiating licenses to Yaoi Press books. One is negotiating to publish Saihoshi 1&2 in a single volume, ….  the same is optioning the Treasure series, …. [while] the other is asking to negotiate the rights on a lot of odds and ends which look like will end up as 3 volumes worth of material.


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