Kappa Maki site up

January 27, 2007

The site for Schwarzer Turm’s new doujinshi anthology is now up at http://www.kappa-maki.de.  Kappa Maki will be available only through Schwarzer Turm’s online store, or at conventions, with volume 1 coming out in March for the Leipzig Bookfair. Each volume is published in a limited edition of 500. Volume two is planned for September, in time for Connichi.

Volume one has 176 pages, and costs €6.50.  There is no ISBN, due to its distribution methods. Preview images and summaries are available on the site.  The cover is by Anike Hage, and v1 contains short stories by the following artists:
Melanie Schober
Natalia Zaitseva
Lisa Rau & Carola Schmitz
Anna Rotenberg
Han Le
Nam & Tram Nguyen
Stella Brandner
Petra Borger
Helen Aerni
Janika Kefel & Alexandra Pietsch
Mario Wenzel


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